Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Minnesota Autumn

Winter is quickly approaching in MN but it has held of beautifully this year, though at times I have had some MAJOR whiplash from its 90* one day to its 40* the next, but it is STILL above zero so I am happy :) And I don't think we've really had a HARD freeze yet!! Before too much time passes on these pictures I wanted to give all my readers a glimpse at how this Harrison family enjoys the autumn!!

First up-the Apple Orchard!! We love to pick our own apples and we love that we have an orchard so close to home that allows us to do this. The kids REALLY got into it this year-check it out!
Then there is the good old Pumpkin Patch! Normally we do the pumpkin patch at the Apple Orchard but this year we tried a new location that turned out to be a great place for the kids to explore!

Here they are finding their pumpkins:

Another thing they had at the PP was kittens for sale. Joshua LOVES cats, they are his favorite animal right now and he loves the oranges ones the most!
Madelynn loves the kitties too, but she thought they were baby dolls, and wanted to carry them all over the place so we just sat her in the crate with them :)
Mommy and Moo say cheese.
But I think the greatest excitement for the day at the pumpkin patch was in the corn pit! My kids had never been in a corn pit before, neither had I and boy did we have fun! However corn in the pants is NOT much fun :/

These next shots are a hoot! Joshua loves jumping INTO the corn!!

And after a trip the the pumpkin patch the next thing on our autumn to do list is to carve pumpkins!! We did it this year with GaPa and everyone had a blast! What a great night we had!

Madelynn painted her pumpkin with Do-A-Dots
Joshua carved his pumpkin and jumped right in
Working on putting a face on :)
GaPa put his face on the pumpkin too
Family shots

And the final results