Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ii is for Inchworm

I is for...inchworm, ice cream, ice, igloo, iron and itch

During this week's study Madelynn was INSISTENT that our little inchworm was a caterpillar.  I was corrected every time I talked out our little inchworm and it would get her so upset.  Joshua, on the other hand, was insistent that the I is for inchworm and C is for caterpillar and we were NOT on letter C.  Can you imagine how much of our mornings went?? Lovely :)  But we made it through the week and the kids had a blast learning all about the letter Ii.

Here are some of the activities that we did...

Writing practice

 Letter tracing with colored gems (do-a-dot pages)

Ta da!!


Letter Graphing


Counting practice (counting the number of holes in the leaves and matching it to the correct number printed on the inchworms)

Got all 10 of them complete!!  So proud!

Letter sorting: sorting the capital I from the lowercase i

Letter Hunting (circling the capital and lowercase letter Ii's)

This week's scripture:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

"All things means all the things that God tells us to do in the Bible. The strength that Jesus gives us spiritual strength and the grace we need to obey God's Word" 
-My ABC Bible Verses By Susan Hunt

This was the first scripture that we taught Joshua and it was the first one he memorized-at age 3.  Whenever he said "I can't" we'd say "I can..." and he'd finish it.  Now at 4 years old he helps his sister  with this verse if she says she can't do something.  It is so sweet to watch him help his sister learn God's Word and keep it close.  Madelynn, at 2.5, isn't quite understanding on memorization but she's getting there.  A verse a week is too much, but this one will hopefully be one of her first verses to memorize.  :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Homeschool Catch Up...Letter H

So I am, again, behind in updating this blog but hope to update more this week as time allows.  Here is a recap from weeks ago when we did letter Hh

Joshua working his sequences, what comes next, patterns

Madelynn working on her hippo graphing

 Joshua putting his numbered hippos in numerical order
Size sorting, putting the hippos in order based on size; biggest to smallest, smallest to biggest

 Writing practice :)

Number matching: placing the correct number of clothes pins on the numbered hippo cards

Madelynn working on her Do-A-Dot page with the colored gems

Madelynn coloring, a favorite thing to do

Joshua's turn at his Do-A-Dot page with the colored gems

Letter tile matching: finding the correct letters in the tiles and matching it to correctly spell the word HIPPO

Letter Tracing with cubes

He's so proud of his accomplishments!!! 

"Honor your father and your mother." Exodus 20:12

To honor means to value, to appreciate, to love and to respect. Sometimes children do what their parents tell them, but they have a bad attitude.  That is not real obedience. Children should obey with a respectful and graceful attitude ad they can only do that by God's grace.  Asking God for grace to help you honor your parents even when they discipline you is really hard. In fact, it is impossible. But God gives us power to do what we cannot do on our own strength.
-My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt