Wednesday, July 25, 2012

K is for Kite

K is for kite, kisses, kitty, kick, kitchen, and kindergarten are all words that Joshua came up with on his own.  I am so impressed!!  Finding words that start with letters is challenging!

During our Kk week we worked on:

Using our pebbles to trace the letter Kk out

Worked on number matching with clothes pins ( follow the printed number on the card and add the correct number of clothes pins)

We practiced writing letter Kk
 Even Moo gave it a go!!

We worked on kite tail color matching (matching bows with the correct color kite)

We went on a letter Kk hunt (circling the letter Kks we found in the paragraph)

We colored a kite picture

We used the letter K stamp to trace the letter K
 Moo used stickers and stamps

A highlight of the week was our poke page :) The kids get push pins and they push the pins through the outlined letter.  When complete we remove the pins and tape the paper to the window and let the sun shine through our holes, revealing our letter.

We worked on some sizing (putting things in order from biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest)

And some kite tail graphing (counting the bows on the kite's tail and adding the correct number of pebbles to the graph below) 

And our scripture from the week is:
"Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies." Psalms 34:13

Homeschool...Letter J

Letter J was a very exciting week for Joshua, I wonder why :)  He loved learning about J words and making up silly J words of his own.  Another thing that was very exciting for Joshua was he learned that Jesus also started with J (though we've talked about it before but this week he 'got' it) and that made things so much more exciting for him.  We covered Letter J weeks ago, but I am just now finding the time to blog it.  Take a look at our week!

We worked on matching colors to their written words-Joshua amazed me so much with this one

Madelynn working hard on her coloring-something she LOVES

Baby Jesus graphing...Joshua had to count the number baby in the mangers and add the correct number of pebbles to the graph below

Joshua working on coloring his picture of the first Christmas

Working on writing his letter J's

Letter tracing-using colored gems to trace the letter J

Completing a coloring manger scene of baby Jesus

 Joshua working on counting.  Each card had a printed number on them. Joshua had to count out the correct number of pebbles to the corresponding number.  

 Madelynn working on writing :) Isn't she cute??  

 Cut and Paste-Joshua had cut out all of his pieces to his manger scene and then glued them onto a separate piece of paper, following a 'finished project' picture.  He did AMAZING and did it all on his own

J collage-we didn't have anything on hand (all the jelly beans had been eaten) to make a J collage so we used a letter J stamp and an ink pad-Joshua really enjoyed this activity