Monday, January 31, 2011

Nan-Pops House

So we are back from a great weekend with Nana and Papa and the kids are already begging to go back. It is so hard to take them away from their grandparents, but I am grateful they are only 2 hours away rather than a week away when they were in Mexico!!
Here is some of the 'madness' from the weekend:
Madelynn and Papa spending some time together
Madelynn now knows how to say 'cheese' at the camera :)
This weekend was only the second time Madelynn has ever been in the snow and she LOVED eating it
The kids went sledding :)
Joshua and Papa spending some time together
Joshua and Jason throwing snow
I totally love this action shot...Joshua threw snow in his own face
And finally on our way home, this cute guy was the best!! Moo was great too as she slept the entire way :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things that make me smile...Madelynn edition

Having an almost 15month old girl is a joy! Madelynn is so kind, considerate and the best little mama ever! She can also be a bully and can totally hold her own-she is her mother's child!! Here is a glimpse at the top 5 things that make me smile when it comes to Madelynn in January 2011:

1. Madelynn's hair is now long enough, barely, to get into a single ponytail!! I NEVER thought that was going to happen!!
2. I love that Madelynn sleeps with her body tucked up underneath her with her bum in the air, even at 14months!
3. Madelynn's smile totally melts my heart!!
4. This picture makes me chuckle as she got stuck trying to climb into the excersaucer!
5. Madelynn cracks me up with her sweet self and I have to chuckle that she is so much like me and has an issue being 'lady like' :)

Things that make me smile...Joshua edition

So having an almost 3 year old boy is a hoot! Having Joshua is even more so. He is your classic clown, always wanting people happy. Here is a look back in the month of January 2011 at things that just make me crack up from this boy! Here are my top 5:

1.) "Mommy I have a foot phone!!"
2.)"Hmmm, I like frog legs!!"
3. "Mommy I don't like green apples"..."Joshua that is a lime you are eating"..."Mommy I like limes!"
4. "Daddy do again, do again!!!"
5. "I am rock star!!"

Macro Friday: Lashes

So I got a new camera for Christmas (Nikon D3100) and I am still learning how to work it and I love to play around with it. My new discovery is seeing things close up and though I don't have a high zoom lens (on my Christmas list) I can get a pretty decent here is my first attempt as something close up...Madelynn's eyelashes:


Do you have a spitter? Madelynn has developed a new found love of spitting and though it is cute and innocent at the moment, I fear that it is going to be habit forming. Is it wrong for me to think that by laughing and encouraging it now? Or is it ok to remember that she is little and let her spit away??
I mean, isn't she just too cute?
Don't you just want to eat her up?? Oh I love this age!
Madelynn is nearly 15months old and is such a character anymore! I love all the new things she is discovering though I could do without the spitting (sometimes) and the taradactle screaming sound she has also newly discovered :)
But at the end of the day I am the happiest mama around! She melts my heart, my little girl, my Moo!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Pirate...A Pirate...A Pirate...

A pirate says...ARGH!!!
Joshua has a new found love of pirates! Now before you go off thinking that my lovely, innocent, almost 3 year old is watching pirate movies or better yet, Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, let me bring you BACK to the world of an almost 3 year old...the Backyardigans!!!

And if you STILL have no clue what I am talking about....check out this video-we play it over and over and over again..."Argh, argh, argh....a pirate says ARGH!!"


Ok, so if you are follower of this blog you know that I really suck at blogging! I have VERY limited time on the computer between running a daycare, in which I no longer have 4 children napping at once, and a computer gaming hubby. And what time I DO have is usually spent listening to sermons online while I search facebook. I should really BLOG more and facebook less-I think I would REALLY enjoy my blogging experience rather than constantly feeling guilty over NOT bloggin in such a long time...perhaps I can start anew?? Is it too late? Is it possible for me to attempt this YET again?
Starting tomorrow I am going to try and post AT LEAST 5 times a week...Hopefully I can do it!! We'll see! This weekend we will be out of town, but I will at least try to stop in and post something...even if it is pictureless!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.) I am REALLY bad at updating my blog so it seems :( As most of you know I do daycare from home and then on weekends we try to find family time and starting in 3 weeks I will be teaching my Sign Language classes every Saturday-busy busy!

2.) This past week has brought a lot of new changes my direction mainly in light of my ASL business Blessed By Signing and I look forward to the next month as I prepare for teaching.

3.) Just because she melts my heart!!
4.) Joshua has just exploded with conversation lately and it is amazing to listen to him talk and play. He is full of emotion and expression and the empathy that he expresses is amazing! I forget that he isn't even 3 yet-though we are getting dangerously close!

5.) I am at a stage of 'contentment' with my little family! I REALLY want 2 more children before we say we are done for good (I really want 6 but I don't think that will happen). But right now I look around and I really feel content.

6.) He is just the best-and super funny!!! (mommy I talk on my foot-phone!)
7.) Joshua's birthday is coming in March and there is only 2 things that will "make him happy"...1.) A big boy bike, 2.) A big boy bed like mom's. He has a toddler bed, but that isn't good enough, he wants a BIG bed...I've got some tall orders to fill. And the best part is he will say, "moommy it make me heart happy me get big boy bike and a big boy bed for me super why birthday"...he melts my heart!!

8.) Madelynn has learned how to spit! Ugh! She loves to do it and the more your tell he to stop the more she does it :( But this face is just the sweetest!
9.) Joshua gets VERY excited over things and loves to celebrate by giving me this sweet face, with a giggle and then hugging the item that brought him joy...last night it happened to be his little parrot!
10.) And I'll leave you with comedian, my baby, my son!