Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.) I am REALLY bad at updating my blog so it seems :( As most of you know I do daycare from home and then on weekends we try to find family time and starting in 3 weeks I will be teaching my Sign Language classes every Saturday-busy busy!

2.) This past week has brought a lot of new changes my direction mainly in light of my ASL business Blessed By Signing and I look forward to the next month as I prepare for teaching.

3.) Just because she melts my heart!!
4.) Joshua has just exploded with conversation lately and it is amazing to listen to him talk and play. He is full of emotion and expression and the empathy that he expresses is amazing! I forget that he isn't even 3 yet-though we are getting dangerously close!

5.) I am at a stage of 'contentment' with my little family! I REALLY want 2 more children before we say we are done for good (I really want 6 but I don't think that will happen). But right now I look around and I really feel content.

6.) He is just the best-and super funny!!! (mommy I talk on my foot-phone!)
7.) Joshua's birthday is coming in March and there is only 2 things that will "make him happy"...1.) A big boy bike, 2.) A big boy bed like mom's. He has a toddler bed, but that isn't good enough, he wants a BIG bed...I've got some tall orders to fill. And the best part is he will say, "moommy it make me heart happy me get big boy bike and a big boy bed for me super why birthday"...he melts my heart!!

8.) Madelynn has learned how to spit! Ugh! She loves to do it and the more your tell he to stop the more she does it :( But this face is just the sweetest!
9.) Joshua gets VERY excited over things and loves to celebrate by giving me this sweet face, with a giggle and then hugging the item that brought him joy...last night it happened to be his little parrot!
10.) And I'll leave you with this...my comedian, my baby, my son!

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