Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things that make me smile...Madelynn edition

Having an almost 15month old girl is a joy! Madelynn is so kind, considerate and the best little mama ever! She can also be a bully and can totally hold her own-she is her mother's child!! Here is a glimpse at the top 5 things that make me smile when it comes to Madelynn in January 2011:

1. Madelynn's hair is now long enough, barely, to get into a single ponytail!! I NEVER thought that was going to happen!!
2. I love that Madelynn sleeps with her body tucked up underneath her with her bum in the air, even at 14months!
3. Madelynn's smile totally melts my heart!!
4. This picture makes me chuckle as she got stuck trying to climb into the excersaucer!
5. Madelynn cracks me up with her sweet self and I have to chuckle that she is so much like me and has an issue being 'lady like' :)


  1. Super cute photos!!!!! Keep the posts coming!!! We enjoy reading them!!

  2. She's so sweet! By the end of this year, she'll have full out piggy tails :)