Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016 with the gang!!
Joshua is 3weeks shy of 8yrs old
Madelynn is 6
Olivia is 21m old
Emma is almost 3 1/2
 Emma has a baby doll named Baby Avery. He is a reborn doll and looks and feels very lifelike.  Every birthday and every holiday all Emma wants is more clothes or toys for Avery.  It is so sweet to watch her little motherly heart grow for her baby.  Today she got a Valentine's Day outfit, socks and shoes for baby Avery...she couldn't stop talking about how cute it was!!
Madelynn also has a baby doll.  Her name is Madison.  Today Madelynn got a hat, onesie, headband and shoes for Madison.  Madison quickly got dressed and headed to church with Mady.  Madelynn loves Madison but is usually found playing with her playmobils or animals.

Joshua loves football!  Everything this past fall has been about football and he has started to collect football cards.  He has memorized so many players, stats and teams and he talks about it non-stop.  I love that he has found something that he loves and can continue to learn about since players, stats and teams are always changing.

Olivia loves to build and explore. The past few months she has discovered duplo legos and playmobil 1.2.3. which are perfect toys for her age!  Today she got a new duplo set with a horse, car and horse trailer.  She opened it right away and carried the horse around until we had to leave for church

After we opened presents we left for church and started our new marriage series.  Dan informed me that he had the whole day planned out for us and after church our adventures began. We headed to lunch after church but our plans did not turn out as we had hoped.  They would not accept our coupon, which was not stated on the coupon or in the restaurant, and they wouldn't allow us to order off of the regular menu and everything had to be in a combo-costing an average of $25/plate. No thank you!  Since we had only ordered water we walked out and headed to Potbelly's for a sandwich lunch.  We ran home for naps and then had to wake the girls so we could head to our next surprise...a family date to the Children's Theater!!  This was a first for our children (first play, first theater experience) and a first for us in about 8yrs!!  The older 3 kids did great and really enjoyed the show!  Olivia had a hard time so I spent most of the play walking around with her but we still had a great time!!
We had a wonderful Valentine's Day spent as a family of 6! I hope you had a great day celebrating love day with those near and dear to you!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Too long...

It has been way too long since I updated this blog!  It has been way too long for me to be away from the writing scene.  It has been way too long for many things.

May 2013 was my last blog post.  In the past 3 years so much has changed in our lives.  We have moved, again, and our newest addition is almost 2 years old...Wow!!  Life sure has a way of passing by in a blink of an eye.

I am hoping that I can recommit time to document our life here.  I am not sure how many of you actually read this, or how many of you actually care, but for me it is so good! It is so good for me to write out our life here.  I don't do it for you, I do it for me. It is a way to document our life, our struggles, our healings and our Jesus! It helps me keep record of our school day, the little details that I can overlook by the end of the week, and it allows me to look back and remember details as they happen.  I hope you will stick with me as I update life in this crazy Harrison Household!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

I can't believe it has been MONTHS since I last updated this blog, but as many of you know, life with little ones happens and time slips away so easily.  The kids are doing great! We are getting ready to move, again, and I hope to find time once again to stay up to date on here.  But until are the latest news:

Joshua is 5 now and loves to learn. He loves music and learning and can reading simple words and loves to rhyme.  He can ride a 2 wheeler now and is an amazing big brother.  When he grows up he wants to be a church guy (drummer on the worship team or a preacher, depends on the day). Joshua loves arts and crafts and has recently discovered melty beads.  His favorite color is green he would love to have another baby sibling someday.

Madelynn is 3 and changing into a little girl now and losing a lot of her babyness. She recently gave up her pacifier in exchange for a new stuffed animal-which she loves. Her favorite animals are elephants, cows, pigs and sheep (in that order) and her favorite color is pink.  When she grows up she wants to be a princess. Madelynn loves her yellow elephant and 'white' blankie and both of those things go with us everywhere.  Madelynn is a 'skin' aholic and whenever she is sad or sick she just wants to be held skin to skin.  She is very sensitive and knows the word for many emotions that she is feeling.  We always laugh she she tells us that we have made her "really really angry", which in turns makes her upset but it is so funny.  We are working on waiting to crack up until she has already stomped off-LOL.  She loves to play pretend, loves her little people, dinosaur train, puzzles and to color.  She is such a sweet Moo girl

Isn't she a beauty??  Emma Lou is now 7.5m and officially on the move. She is crawling forward and backwards, can sit up on her own and is starting to pull up onto things already. She has no interest in pureed foods but loves to pick foods up and eat them.  Currently she has tried avocado, carrots, potatoes and peas.  In addition to her dairy allergy we have discovered that bananas and cucumbers are also on her food sensitivity list and so those are being avoided.  She is a happy little and has 2 bottom teeth.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

10 on Tuesday

It is Tuesday, January 1st,, what a great way to start the year!!  I have set goals for 2013 and I hope that I am able to make it a point to stick with them and make them new routines. I am posting all of these goals here in hopes that my readers and friends will help keep my accountable and remind me when I get behind :)  I know a few of you who will keep me in my place and that is all I will need :)

1.  My first one is a photo a day challenge the entire year. I plan to take a photo of each of my children daily (and hopefully post them the day I take them). It is so hard for me to remember to take out my camera daily but when I do I tend to go a bit overboard. I want to make sure that I can capture my kids through this year as they change, grow, learn, discover and create.

2. My 2nd goal is to spend at least 30mins a day reading with each of my children.  This may be combined or individual but I want to make sure it is at least 30mins a day (sometimes easy other days are hard, but I need to get better at making it a solid routine)

3. 3rd goal is to make time to talk and pray with each of my children and get them to engage in the prayers more.  Both Madelynn and Joshua are very good about praying for family/friends who are sick or hurt but I want them to learn that we don't have to just come to Jesus when we have a need, that they can go to Jesus always.

4. 4th goal is to set a solid devotional time daily where I can dive into the Word, get lost in the music, and open my heart fully to what the Lord has to say and reveal. This is always my plan/goal but I have allowed life to take hold too often that I really need to make this a MAJOR change and priority.

5. 5th goal is to continue to have devotional time and daily scripture reading with my children   While we were up north over Christmas 5 chapters of the Bible was listened to daily (Bible on CD) and after the first day there Joshua was asking to listen to scriptures every day after breakfast. I want that to be the norm in our house too.  Even if life goes on (dishes, coloring, kids playing) while it is running, just to have it on daily will make a huge impact in our lives.

6. I want to make time daily to get outside with the kids, despite my dislike for cold temps.  I am really good about this in the nice weather, or even rainy weather, but the winter is not something that I enjoy but I want to change that get out and walk or play with them outside.

7. I want to hold myself accountable, will you do it too?, to stay on track with school and keep pushing through it.  We have really slacked since Thanksgiving-despite the kids asking for it-and I need to make it a point to press through things.  With this I need to stick with my timeline and not push school off until 'later' because it is easily neglected and forgotten.

8. I want to continue to scrapbook monthly and stay caught up within 6 months.  I am starting this year caught up in Madelynn and Joshua's book through July 2012 and I have not started Emma's book yet.

9. I would like to lose 15lbs this year, putting me well below my lowest weight that I recall in my adult life. I have done amazing, now 5lbs lighter than I was when I got pregnant with Emma (which was previously my lowest weight), but I want to do better.

10. I want to pick up my business and keep it running.  I have my first class kicking off the end of January but I want to kick it up a notch and hold classes at home, through the AH school district like I have in the past, and I want to making Sign Language standard communication in our house (the kids know so much already I want to keep it going and in use so they don't forget it).

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year 2013

Wow, I can't believe 2012 has already come to a close.  It has been exactly 1 year since I found out that we would be expecting a new addition, and that new addition is just 4 days shy of 4 months.  2012 brought us a lot of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, but one thing remained constant-God's love.  He has blessed us beyond measure and continued to be there with us every step of our journey.

We have come so far this year as a family, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  I have watched my children grow and learn, embrace change and thrive from it, and I have watched my son gain so much confidence and take charge over his emotions.

Joshua has always been my sensitive one. From the time he was an infant loud noise, crowded places and over stimulation would send him into a tizzy.  When he was 3 these 'fears' presented themselves in the form of hives and anaphylaxtic reactions that had us racing to Children's hospital often and we kept a large stash of epi-pens on hand.  Then came 2012 and I am happy to announce that it has been a SOLID YEAR of NO HOSPITAL TRIPS for Joshua!!!  He still battles with hives and fears, but they have gotten SO MUCH BETTER now that he is able to communicate and work through his emotions better. It has been such a joy to watch Joshua emerge from his shell and embrace change, new environments, crowds and people.  He even got up in front of every Harrison family member on Christmas Eve and played the piano-a HUGE step!! In 2012, Joshua learned all of his letters, capital and lowercase, the sound the made, learned simple math, a few simple sight words and learned how to color inside the lines.  He can now take showers by himself, can assist in putting together legos and learned how to ride a 2 wheeler briefly. He is now 38lbs and wears size 5 clothing.  Joshua goes out of his way to pray for family members and friends when they are sick or hurt and is always good about reminding us to pray before we eat.  He wants to be a drummer when he grows up and his prayer for 2013 is that Jesus will take him to Heaven again in this dreams. He loves star wars, legos, skylanders, books, fighter pods, the color green and playing rough with the boys.

Madelynn has also grown and changed so much in 2012.  She went from sleeping in a crib/side car crib to sleeping in her own bed (bunk bed that she shares with Joshua) and is now fully potty trained day and night.  Madelynn started 2012 with a 5day stay in Children's hospital for RSV but has kicked butt this year and other than a bought of bronchitis just before Christmas she has been pretty healthy.  Like her brother, though, she now battles with hives but we have not found a link for her. She's a tough cookie about it though, she is a true fighter!!  Madelynn is a sweet heart but very stubborn, Dan jokes that she is a lot like me :)  She is now 26lbs and wears size 3T/4T clothing.  She loves her babies, books, dress up, princesses, the color purple, dragons and snuggles.  She also still craves a ton of skin to skin contact.  When she grows up she wants to work at the zoo with dragons and her prayer for 2013 is that Jesus will make her a real princess.

Emma Lou has changed our world in so many ways.  She is a pure joy, always happy, and a delight to all who see her. We get stopped often from people passing us by who tell us how cute she is and then they completely melt when she smiles at them.  She is now nearly 4m old and weighs 17lbs and now wears 9m clothing.  She has rolled over a handful of times from her belly to her back, sleeps 10-12hrs straight a night and takes 3 2hr naps daily.  She sucks her middle and ring finger on her left hand when she is tired, looks for any and all chances to nurse, loves her bath and loves to be carried or worn in the Ergo.  My prayer for Emma in 2013 is that she will grow, thrive and enjoy the new adventures and milestones ahead and that she will continue to be a joy to others, a light in the darkness.

As I end this last blog post of 2012 I pray that you find delight in the Lord this coming year. That you break through the confines of religion and find a true relationship with Jesus Christ.  I pray that you reach out to those who are hurting around your and find ways to bless them, even in the smallest and simplest of ways.  I pray that you find time to get on your knees before your God.

Jeremiah 29:11 

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."