Monday, April 22, 2013

I can't believe it has been MONTHS since I last updated this blog, but as many of you know, life with little ones happens and time slips away so easily.  The kids are doing great! We are getting ready to move, again, and I hope to find time once again to stay up to date on here.  But until are the latest news:

Joshua is 5 now and loves to learn. He loves music and learning and can reading simple words and loves to rhyme.  He can ride a 2 wheeler now and is an amazing big brother.  When he grows up he wants to be a church guy (drummer on the worship team or a preacher, depends on the day). Joshua loves arts and crafts and has recently discovered melty beads.  His favorite color is green he would love to have another baby sibling someday.

Madelynn is 3 and changing into a little girl now and losing a lot of her babyness. She recently gave up her pacifier in exchange for a new stuffed animal-which she loves. Her favorite animals are elephants, cows, pigs and sheep (in that order) and her favorite color is pink.  When she grows up she wants to be a princess. Madelynn loves her yellow elephant and 'white' blankie and both of those things go with us everywhere.  Madelynn is a 'skin' aholic and whenever she is sad or sick she just wants to be held skin to skin.  She is very sensitive and knows the word for many emotions that she is feeling.  We always laugh she she tells us that we have made her "really really angry", which in turns makes her upset but it is so funny.  We are working on waiting to crack up until she has already stomped off-LOL.  She loves to play pretend, loves her little people, dinosaur train, puzzles and to color.  She is such a sweet Moo girl

Isn't she a beauty??  Emma Lou is now 7.5m and officially on the move. She is crawling forward and backwards, can sit up on her own and is starting to pull up onto things already. She has no interest in pureed foods but loves to pick foods up and eat them.  Currently she has tried avocado, carrots, potatoes and peas.  In addition to her dairy allergy we have discovered that bananas and cucumbers are also on her food sensitivity list and so those are being avoided.  She is a happy little and has 2 bottom teeth.