Monday, November 5, 2012

Emma Lou and Pumpkins too

 My Emma Lou is already 2months old-boy the times flies!  She recently had a sick dr visit and she weighed 12lbs 13.5oz.  They also said she had an ear infection in both ears and bronchitis :(  Poor baby!  It's been one thing after another (found out she has a dairy allergy/sensitivity, I got mastitis, and now this).  She's growing so fast and she's a pure delight! She smiles and coos now and loves to snuggle.  Here are a few new pics!

Now on to the pumpkins! 

 Scooping out the PUMPKIN GUTS

Joshua carving his pumpkins-both kids
he did nearly the entire thing by himself


Madelynn carving her pumpkin 
 the face she had help with from Miss Shelley

 The kids' finished pumpkins

Joshua's vampire...Madelynn's smile...Joshua's pirate