Tuesday, January 1, 2013

10 on Tuesday

It is Tuesday, January 1st, 2013...wow, what a great way to start the year!!  I have set goals for 2013 and I hope that I am able to make it a point to stick with them and make them new routines. I am posting all of these goals here in hopes that my readers and friends will help keep my accountable and remind me when I get behind :)  I know a few of you who will keep me in my place and that is all I will need :)

1.  My first one is a photo a day challenge the entire year. I plan to take a photo of each of my children daily (and hopefully post them the day I take them). It is so hard for me to remember to take out my camera daily but when I do I tend to go a bit overboard. I want to make sure that I can capture my kids through this year as they change, grow, learn, discover and create.

2. My 2nd goal is to spend at least 30mins a day reading with each of my children.  This may be combined or individual but I want to make sure it is at least 30mins a day (sometimes easy other days are hard, but I need to get better at making it a solid routine)

3. 3rd goal is to make time to talk and pray with each of my children and get them to engage in the prayers more.  Both Madelynn and Joshua are very good about praying for family/friends who are sick or hurt but I want them to learn that we don't have to just come to Jesus when we have a need, that they can go to Jesus always.

4. 4th goal is to set a solid devotional time daily where I can dive into the Word, get lost in the music, and open my heart fully to what the Lord has to say and reveal. This is always my plan/goal but I have allowed life to take hold too often that I really need to make this a MAJOR change and priority.

5. 5th goal is to continue to have devotional time and daily scripture reading with my children   While we were up north over Christmas 5 chapters of the Bible was listened to daily (Bible on CD) and after the first day there Joshua was asking to listen to scriptures every day after breakfast. I want that to be the norm in our house too.  Even if life goes on (dishes, coloring, kids playing) while it is running, just to have it on daily will make a huge impact in our lives.

6. I want to make time daily to get outside with the kids, despite my dislike for cold temps.  I am really good about this in the nice weather, or even rainy weather, but the winter is not something that I enjoy but I want to change that get out and walk or play with them outside.

7. I want to hold myself accountable, will you do it too?, to stay on track with school and keep pushing through it.  We have really slacked since Thanksgiving-despite the kids asking for it-and I need to make it a point to press through things.  With this I need to stick with my timeline and not push school off until 'later' because it is easily neglected and forgotten.

8. I want to continue to scrapbook monthly and stay caught up within 6 months.  I am starting this year caught up in Madelynn and Joshua's book through July 2012 and I have not started Emma's book yet.

9. I would like to lose 15lbs this year, putting me well below my lowest weight that I recall in my adult life. I have done amazing, now 5lbs lighter than I was when I got pregnant with Emma (which was previously my lowest weight), but I want to do better.

10. I want to pick up my business and keep it running.  I have my first class kicking off the end of January but I want to kick it up a notch and hold classes at home, through the AH school district like I have in the past, and I want to making Sign Language standard communication in our house (the kids know so much already I want to keep it going and in use so they don't forget it).