Saturday, March 31, 2012

New baby update

So a few weeks back we had our 3rd ultrasound and had our first GOOD look at our little one growing. It was confirmed at this ultrasound, done at 12weeks5days, that we did have, at one point, twins inside my growing tummy but that one didn't make it. The 2nd sac was still evident on the ultrasound, though it was smaller than the one containing our little one who is thriving. The dr and u/s tech told us that my body would absorb the baby and the sac and they would not worry about it. Doing anything would put the entire pregnancy at risk and something that I am defiantly not willing to do.

At this 12/13week u/s they usually try to do some measurements that would give us a better idea if our baby will have a genetic condition that would be cause for concern. Unfortunately our little one would not work with the tech and we were unable to get the readings they needed and therefore they could not tell us much about what is going on. I am a carrier of a genetic disorder, most likely the cause for MY miscarriages (we know for sure that 2 of them had Trisomy 13) so this is something that we'd like to know ahead of time, to prepare mentally, though nothing would change in terms of how we will proceed. We have our next u/s scheduled for April 20th and will have a 'gender reveal party" around Dan's birthday (May 7th) to let our family know what we are having, then we will pass on the news to our friends...sorry you'll have to wait a bit the meantime you can enjoy these pics :)

Joshua thinks that our little one is a boy, and I have to agree with him, based on my feeling and on the past pregnancy likeness that this one has with Joshua's. Madelynn's so different than both of them, though I carried both of them very low, and I seem to be doing the same with this one..see?!?!
These 2 pics were taken at 14weeks, so a few weeks after my u/s and a few weeks ago now and I feel like I am about the same overall. Sometimes I feel bigger, sometimes I feel smaller, but it all depends on what kind of and size shirt I am wearing :) The dr told me that I may appear smaller as my body absorbs the little one we lost so I wonder, at times, if that is what is happening. I am officially down 20lbs but the morning sickness has FINALLY gotten bearable. I am no longer puking all day and the constant nauseous has lifted but now I am faced with blinding migraines and the occasional nauseous, but still the daily puking, but nothing like before.

I"ll take all of it, and more, if it means that this baby will make it. We have been so blessed with the ability to conceive easily but holding onto a pregnancy is the tricky thing. Please pray that things continue to run smoothly and that when we have our next u/s on April 20th that we will get better answers as to any issues, if any, that lie ahead. We also pray that the baby will show us everything we need to know if it is indeed a little boy or if Dan is correct in his inkling that it is a girl.

As I lay here writing this now, at 10:30pm, I am being kicked like crazy from the inside. This movement started earlier this week and I LOVE it! The kids and Dan are still unable to feel it but I can't wait until they can...Joshua loves to lay on my tummy, Moo too, like he did when I was pregnant with Madelynn, and I can see both of them falling asleep to the kicks of the baby, their heads on my tummy, like Joshua use to do with Madelynn. They are going to be such good big siblings for this little one...I just know it!!


What words start with letter G??
Joshua's list : gaga, grandpa, girls, goons, goldfish
Moo's list : GOONS!
They crack me up!!

This week we we talked about gumballs, girls, granparents, gingerbread: cookies, houses, men. Here are some of our activities for the week:

Writing letter Gs

Goldfish collage making

Letter tracing with polished stones

Moo coloring :)
My beautiful Moo girl!

And finally...our gingerbread house :)

These were just a few of the highlights from our week :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Homeschool Catch Up...LOTW F

So life happened...again, and I am getting WAY behind on this thing. Sorry to my followers :/ I have actually received a few emails from followers asking for updates :) So here are some home-school updates, going back to letter F:

Finding and circling all the letter F's in the paragraph

Counting Fish

What comes next??

Fish Graphing

Writing letters

Letter Stamping

Making a "F" Fox

Thursday, March 15, 2012

ASL Spring Classes!!

Class registration is NOW OPEN-YAY!!!

The following classes are offered through the Anoka-Hennepin Community Education Program.

Spring 2012 Classes

Introduction to Baby Play and Sign --- click to register here ---

Baby Sign and Play 1 --click to register here ---

If you have any questions about purchasing products or classes available please email me