Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ten on...Thursday???

Normally my 10 things comes on a Tuesday but I didn't get around to that this week until now, so I am changing things up a bit :)  here are this week's 10 on Thursday

 Pregnancy is progressing quite rapidly and we are already 32wks!!  Over the 4th of July holiday week and since I have had some spotting and was checked at my last appointment to create a baseline in the event that I would go into pre-term labor.  I am already dilated to 2.  Doesn't bother me at all, I know many people who have been dilated further and walked around for WEEKS before baby came, but I have started to slow down on some of my activity (like moving furniture) to avoid any contractions, even braxton hicks ones. (pic taken at 29wks)

2.) The nesting stage in this pregnancy hasn't really hit me full force yet, however it is starting to show its head here and there.  Last night it showed up after the kids were in bed, about 11pm, and I spent over an hour reorganizing my closet-not getting very far.  Oh boy...Dan is not going to like me very soon.

3.) My SIL and MIL have decided to throw me a baby shower the beginning of August.  What do you need for your 3rd child when you breastfeed, cloth diaper, and kept so many things from your other children??  I guess we'll find out what people come up with in a few weeks :)

Joshua is almost done with t-ball, only one more game left, and he is starting to get really sad about it. He's loved playing and made such progress in being away from us while playing.  He knows that we are there watching him, but we no longer have to stand next to him :)  Every week we still have some tears but he has an awesome coach who is able to really help him transition back to the game!

 Madelynn is doing great and full of such joy! She is back to being potty trained-well pee anyways, both day and night and we are working on the poop.  She's had diarrhea for a few days so we are back in pull ups until that clears up but she is still remaining dry :)  We all are so proud of her!

6.) Hmmm...I forgot how hard it is to come up with 10 things to say :)  We are still homeschooling and both kids are doing great with their letter of the week.  I have slacked MAJORLY throughout this pregnancy with it but we are catching up and if things continue to go as planned we will be finished before Emma is born!!

7.) Joshua loves board games and has really gotten good at our Super Why ABC game as well as Candy Land.  He could play for hours, but finding a willing opponent is kind of tricky (after you play 3 games of CandyLand in a row!!)

 Madelynn is still a lover of babies and her animals.  She will spend HOURS playing with her Little People or her baby dolls and I love to watch her be a little mama!! I know she's going to be a GREAT big sister when Emma arrives. 

9.) Speaking of Emma arriving and jealousy...anyone have tips for easing that??  We never went through anything with Joshua when Moo was born, but I think that it will be different with Madelynn, as she has been needing a lot of skin-to-skin contact all day, mainly from me but she'll take it from anyone :)  
Have I mentioned that Auntie Debbie has chickens???  Joshua LOVES the chickens and can't wait to go out there and feed them and he is really looking forward to collecting their eggs once they get big enough to lay them.  Madelynn takes a lot longer to warm up to them than Joshua.  The only bad thing about Joshua's love for these chickens is that Joshua's body doesn't seem to like them and we end up with hives :/ both times he has spent time with them (once inside when they were little, this time outside) Joshua has gotten hives :(  Luckily we continue to not deal with any breathing troubles with these hives (8m of no anaphylaxtic reaction!!) but it still really stinks since he loves these guys so much.

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  1. Sweet! Lots of fun stuff to talk about. :)