Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toddler Time Tuesday

I am always on the look out for things to do with Joshua when the babies take their morning nap. Though we both love to be outside, it is hard to venture too far from the door with the babies sleeping so going to the park or pool is out of the question. Plus living in an apartment it isn't always the best environment for 'parental play' unless you want every single unsupervised child wanting you to play with them too-and trust me, there are a TON around here. So the search for indoor quiet time activities began about a month ago, when Joshua dropped down to 1 nap.

A friend of mine, she blogs here, did a post a while back about Do-A-Dot paints.
I loved her post and I have been on the search for them-if I remembered while I was out. Well this past week I found them at Micheal's! We are in LOVE! Joshua loves to do art, as long as he doesn't get too messy, and he is learning the concept of objects and staying in the line. I can tell Joshua to paint the cloud, and away he goes dotting up the cloud. "

Joshua can you paint the tires orange?" and he stares at the colors for a moment and correctly picks the orange do-a-dot bottle and dots in the tires...we are in love! Later covering over the orange with green :)
I highly recommend the Do-A-Dot paints and coloring book for all my toddler and preschool mom's!!
What do you do for quiet time activities in your house?


  1. love it and i must remember to look at it next time im at michaels. For quiet time we did playdoh this morning on the kitchen floor. Billy loves it and he knows he has to stay on the kitchen floor and no carpets and playdoh do not mix together.

    ~Mel aka Billysmommy3608

  2. Amanda Bolin (lilygracesmom)July 20, 2010 at 2:04 PM

    We have these as well! The kiddos love them, and I love that they aren't super messy! For quiet time at daycare, we also do painting, playdoh, story time, magnets, etc. we are always looking for new fun activities as well!

  3. I was wondering where to find those things. The twins use something like them at school, and I thought that it would be great to have at home, so much cleaner than regular paints. Definately going to have to get some.

    Jessica (MM08)

  4. So neat! I think that's something Cohen would enjoy too! :) I'll have to look next time we're at Michael's.

    Quiet time? What the heck is that?! Lol! No, we play with playdoh, color, paint, cut & paste, stickers, foam artwork, soft bowling, read books, preK-K workbooks, practice tracing, ABC collection (I write out the letters and she has to find something in the house that starts with each letter I write, she LOVES it!), number collection (like the ABC but she has to bring 3 items of her choice when I write 3), etc!

  5. Heather, I never thought of the letter and number collections, what a great way to teach counting and letter/word sounds. Good idea mama!

    Amanda, what kind of magnets do the kids use? Also, any good story time books to share??

    Mel, I never thought about putting the playdough on the kitchen floor-that is where we use to paint when the kids were little...will have to do that instead of on the table and dealing with the playdough/carpet mess. Thanks for the idea!

    Jessica the are MUCH cleaner than regular paint and I think they wash off 10x better!!

  6. That's it...I am running out to buy these ASAP!

    We have such a hard time getting Noah to sit down for any type of art activity, but I think it's due to his frustration with his right hand. This would be great for him!

    Thanks for sharing!