Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Bashes

Miss Madelynn Rene' has turned a year old! Her golden birthday and she loved every min of it! She loved the gifts, she loved the songs sung to her, she loved the cake, and most of all she LOVED her tutu! She tried to twill it-and she totally rocked it! Let me share with you some of her party excitement...

Madelynn's birthday theme was ladybugs and one of my Cafemom friends made white chocolate ladybug lollipops to share with our guests!!
Madelynn opening her birthday card.
Playing with her new baby, and her first baby with a paci!
Savannah decorated Madelynn's present in the BEST picture...the perfect FARM for Miss Maddie Moo
Madelynn loving her Leap Frog Counting Candles Cake
Speaking of cake...Happy Birthday Madelynn!!!
Madelynn likes to share...do you want some cake??
What a mess!! But she loved it!

Thank you to everyone who blessed Madelynn with your time and with presents. Madelynn got some AWESOME outfits, some girly toys (babies and a purse), a Christmas dress and an adorable purple bunny with big floppy ears!!! Thank you all again!


  1. Madelynn Rene--you are such a sweet girl. You have grown so much in the last year and now, I cant believe you are walking!!! Time flies. I wish for you to know that your Auntie loves you so much, you are such a beautiful girl and gonna be so talented!! I love you my sweet angel!!

  2. Hey...I was on CafeMom for the longest time. I had a really popular group called Background Love. Ever hear of it???

  3. PS. I love ladybugs & yours is adorable!