Tuesday, January 31, 2012


1 pregnancy test
2 early ultrasounds
3 weeks of keeping nothing down (and counting)
4 anxious people in the harrison household
5 pairs of pants that don't fit
6 hours of sleep per night
7 trips a night to the bathroom (to pee or puke)
8 weeks pregnant :)

**baby coming early September 2012**


  1. Congratulations! I am very happy for your family!!!

  2. I just love the little baby "swimming" in the corner to show what your baby looks like!!! So cool!

  3. Thank you both! After our struggle last year with losing 3 babies, this is a very welcomed surprise! Hoping this will help me stay up to date on this blog, I'm slacking BAD :/

  4. Congrats, Autumn!!! How exciting is THIS! I was hoping to hear this kind of news from you soon :)

  5. EEEEEKK!!! Congrats to you and Hubs!!! So excited for you guys!! Cheers to a happy healthy 9 months!!