Tuesday, October 2, 2012

VALENTINES...in the summer!!

Once again, life has taken its toll on me and therefore this blog has been left alone for a while.  But this time I have a good excuse...we had a baby!!
Emma Lou was born September 4th, 2012 and a blog will come soon with all her details-I just need to finish all of the details of last year's homeschooling before I jump into that...so lets keep this ball rolling.

very, valentines, violin, viola...all words the kids came up with :)

Here is a glimpse at the week's lessons:

Letter Tracing and Clean Up

Madelynn loves to use the counting bears

More Letter tracing

Valentine Graphing

More bears and silly faces from Moo

Handwriting Practice

Letter Collage-V is for Velcro

Coloring Sheets

More  Handwriting Practice

Size Sorting

And there you have it...a very quick glimpse into our letter V week