Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

My goal is going to post 10 things, probably random, on Tuesdays (hence the name) and call it a blog entry :D Makes perfect sense-right? Exactly! So without further ado...Ten on Tuesday!!

1.) I am NOT a morning person. I would be much happier if I could sleep all day and be up all night. Becoming a mom has not changed that, but made it impossible! I usually don't go to bed until close to midnight and with the middle of the night feedings (generally at 12, 3, 5, and 7am) I usually don't get much sleep, but I get up with my children and we get the day going. Normally I am awake in the morning by the most horrible sound...it is the sound of Joshua moaning/whining. He sounds like a dying cow, seriously I am not kidding. I can't stand it. I have been waiting for the day to hear 'mommy, I'm awake. I'm awake mom' but it looks like it will never arrive. But today gave me a little hope. I was awake to Madelynn laughing and playing in her crib. After getting her up and sitting in my chair watching the news as Madelynn nursed I heard one of the best sounds in the world...'mama' coming from Joshua's room. Could this be, I thought? Is this my sweet, normally grumpy morning, little guy calling me to tell me he was awake?? YEP! Joshua was awake and the day started our WONDERFULLY!

2.) I make my own baby food, did you know that? I love every min of it and I love that I am able to give healthy fresh food to my children. Madelynn loves food, but is content whether she is eating solids or not. Mama's milk is sufficient for her, anything added to her day is a bonus!
3.) Joshua is very content in his crib! He never tries to climb out and reminds you to bring the rail back up. Joshua loves to climb into his crib and play 'sleep' but as soon you as walk out of the room he cries for you to come back. The crib is not somewhere he is comfortable playing in really and as soon as Joshua wakes up for the day and from his nap he wants out of his crib asap.
Madelynn is a monkey child and she loves her crib. She walks around the crib in circles. She can be placed in her crib awake and she'll put herself to sleep on her own. She plays with her paci's and lovey when she wakes up. I have found her multiple times hanging (like a child from monkey bars) hands on the rail and feet off the mattress when I go in and get her...she'll be out of the crib before her brother at this rate!!
4.) I love to cook and have people over! I am not an entertainer at all, but I love to cook and I love to be surrounded by people (in my home!, I do not do large crowds of people well in public). I get in a rut, making the same meals over and over, so I am always open to new ideas! I love to try new things, but no seafood please!
5.) I have some OCD! I love to organize, clean and label! I do not like toys mixed into the same bin when they are not suppose to go together (legos and little people belong separate in my mind) and have to learn to control my urges to clean other people's homes unless asked. My label maker is by best friend, but when I am pregnant it is my worst enemy (I once placed a label on EVERY.SINGLE. CABINET with the contents of what was behind each door-I was pregnant!!)

6.) I do not like it hot and humid or very cold. Mr. Weatherman...please keep the temps to 70's during the day and 40's at night-thank you!

7.) We are about to move-well in a month. And with our move we are choosing not to connect cable. We will be getting a box so we can get local channels (for news and weather) and relying on movies/videos for the kid's 'screen time'. I need some good recommendations of G rated programs.

8.) Did you know that I cloth diaper my children? I love everything about it, well not everything, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. It started out as a way to save money as Joshua was going through 8-12 diapers a day still at 9months old and he HATED being just the slightest bit wet. I started out with some WAHM (work at home mom) made ones and fell in love with the idea and then purchased some Bum Genius from there. I love them!! With Madelynn we had issues after birth with the cloth and we had to use disposable for her the first few months, but now she is in cloth most of the time (night being an exception or long outings far from home). I love cloth diapering and Dan hates it!
9.) Joshua loves water, normally. He is a fish in the bathtub and shower but does not like to go swimming. He loves sprinklers and zero entry pools. This morning we added a new dislike where water is concerned...he does not like cold water! I took the kids to the Oak Hill Splash Pad today with a friend and her daughter. It was a blast but Joshua complained a lot of the time that the water was cold. He would only go into it if I was holding him. I was able to catch this moment of him today as Shelley splashed Joshua-he loved it!
10.) Madelynn has discovered a new love of the ball pit!! She loves to crawl into it. She will chew on the balls, she will sit in them, lay in there and she's starting to hide and then peek up when I say 'peek a boo'. She's a delight!

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  1. I got worn out just reading all that!! Kudos to you for going those extra miles for the kids! I remember cloth diapers when my kids were young, but thats just the way it was back then!! I used Dreft! Loved the smell of that better than Ivory Snow!

    Oh to be young again.........no thanks I wouldn't want to start over in this day and age. How do you do the making of the baby food, just puree it?? Wow.

    And no cable????????????? OMGosh, Id rather be shot at sun up!! Or sundown, whichever it is! ;) Love, Aunt Betty