Friday, July 22, 2011

Maple Grove Community Center

My kids are getting to the age of true exploration and are learning that branching out on their own is ok-sometimes. I love it, yet hate it. It is nice that the kids are not hanging on me every moment, yet giving them the freedom scares me, especially at the playground. Madelyn knows no fear. She will climb up high and walk right off the edge, yet Joshua is cautious asking for permission before he climbs, jumps or ventures off. Both of their characteristics are bittersweet.

Recently we went to the Maple Grove Community Center's outdoor playground and let the kids roam a bit. It is hard to just sit back and watch still, though I do long for those days. Before long Moo was off running off playing and attempting to eat and throw the little rocks
And then finding the slides
But it wasn't long before Dan had to rescue her from dropping off the equipment in one of her daredevil
And then there is Joshua, my sweet boy!
But it wasn't long before he found his courage!!
And before we headed back home, the kids discovered the drinking fountain. It was the highlight of our time at the Community Center. Both kids were completely soaked by the time we left for was so cute!!
So...there you have it, out most recent trip to the park! I hope the pictures make you smile!!

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