Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kelley Farm

So, once again, I have neglected my blog and it actually makes me sad when I do a while without blogging. I love to write and often times I don't have enough mins to write what I want to say OR I don't have enough time to clear my head and write...but nonetheless I am here now and ready to do a month of catch up :)

A friend and I, along with my 2 kids and her daughter, went to a place close by called the Oliver H Kelley Farm recently and the kids had a complete blast!!! The farm is set in the 1860's and shows what MN farm life was like. The kids got to participate in chores around the farm, as well as exploring at their own free was AWESOME! I can't wait to go is a step into our day at the Kelley Farm!

Joshua and Savannah anxious to get to the farm so they ran off ahead...
Moo followed...

Here are some of the chores the kids had to 'take care of':

Moo's job was to sort the beans...something kids her age would do
Joshua got to spread lard on the pan for baking
Then the kids had to pump some water to bring to the field and the kitchen-this was their favorite thing to do
Next they headed out to the field to use pit forks to load hay into the wagon

The kids had a blast, but their favorite thing (aside from the water pump) was exploring and checking out all the animals!!

After we checked out the chickens, yaks, cows, pigs and sheep the kids found some kittens in the barn and BOTH my kids were in heaven!!

And after we left, the kids were OUT...
What a GREAT day we had with Shelley and Savannah. We can't wait to go back again, next time bringing the dads along!!!

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