Saturday, June 18, 2011

Everyday, something different

These hives are wearing me out, not to mention Joshua. He is AMAZING, though, through all of this and his strength and acceptance of this is beyond me. Last night he was crying that he hurt and I prayed for him and he said that he knows when we pray for him Jesus touches him, even if all the pain doesn't go away. He still knows that Jesus is there and Jesus is taking the pain away. Melts my heart and my tears just shatter the floor. What faith!!!

It's been 2 days since I last blogged, mainly because we spent all of yesterday at the farm while the kids got a taste of what MN Pioneer life was like in the 1890's-blog post coming soon so watch for that-but Joshua's condition hasn't gotten any better.

If you look through the last 2 posts you will see what his rash looked like day one and day 2. Here we are on day 5 and his rash looks like this:
It breaks my heart to look at him, but I am trying to take pictures every day so I can show his dr come Monday. I don't feel we have the right diagnosis because this rash/these hives change EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Where they are today and what they look like will fade by morning, only to have new hives/a new rash in different areas or in different patterns. Today they chose to take up most of his trunk and face, and all over his bottom.

His face looks like to took a few punches to the face. The swelling in his face has gone down now but the pattern/design of his rash/hives is still present on his face.

Please continue to pray for Joshua and that his faith will not be altered, which he shows no signs of doing. Pray that his pain will subside, his hives will stop itching and go away, and we will get solid answers as to what is going on in this poor little, adorable boy.


  1. Dear Autumn,
    Oh, how I wish I could make all this go away for all of you! How it breaks my heart to watch that dear sweet boy suffer so, and to watch you hold back the tears. You are both AMAZING and a testimony to your faith in the Lord. I love you guys more than you could know. I'm here and praying and am willing to help in ANY way I can.


  2. Hi... My daughter has the exact same thing! I came across your site looking for answers and just researching.... All different diagnoses... I'm scared and just so worried ... How ol g did this last? Were going on day 5 ... After 2 doctors visits, an er visit, and lots of Benadryl and steroids, the rash is still there... Please help :(