Thursday, June 9, 2011

Signing Time in Maple Grove

As many of you know, we are Signing Time lovers in this house. Both of my kids knew over 100 signs at a year and Joshua didn't say words until he was 2.5years old. Up until that point his main communication came through ASL. Madelynn is now 19months old and she is able to talk and sign and I love watching both languages unfold for my children!!!

Last year we went to our first Signing Time concert and we were hooked. After this concert we became more hooked on ASL than ever before and I applied to be a Signing Time Academy Instructor and then came my business-Blessed By Signing-shortly there after. Here is a picture from our Signing Time Concert last year (April 30th, 2010)
Well this year we had another concert in Maple Grove and as soon as Joshua heard that Rachel was coming to MN he was SO excited. For weeks he asked me if Rachel was coming today. I think he was beginning to think she would never show up. When the day finally arrived Joshua couldn't stand it. He hardly napped (which made him very sensitive and tired at the concert) and he just couldn't wait to see Rachel again.
As soon as the concert began Joshua was so excited. He signed along with many of the songs and stared at Rachel-totally star struck!! It was so cute. THEN Leah and Hopkins came out and both of my kids were glued. Madelynn had to be restrained, and finally taken out, to keep her from the stage (where she wanted to hug Hopkins-the frog) and she was getting SO restless, but I expected that with an 18month old.

During the concert Rachel asked for kids to come on stage and sign along to the songs she was signing. Joshua wanted to go up there SO bad and was raising his hand like crazy! It was so cute and I was so excited thinking that he would get pick. But he didn't-there was a ton of kids and Joshua was kind of young I think, and he was so crushed. We had many tears shed over it but over all he had a wonderful time and can't wait until Rachel returns again!!

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