Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Butt Kicking...Moo Style

This past weekend we headed up north to visit Dan's family in the Brainerd area. It was Great Grandma's birthday on Saturday and Monday was our nephew's 11th birthday. Jason, now 11, had a birthday party at a bowling alley and it was my kid's first experience with it. And they had a blast!! Joshua loved being around all the 'big' boys and keeps talking about his new friend Sam, one of Jason's buddies.

Of the 11 kids playing, only 2 of them were girls-all the others were boys. Madelynn is 18months old and Abbie, Jason's little sister. Joshua, Abbie and Madelynn all used a special ramp that allowed them to get the ball down the alley with enough force to reach the pins as well as bumpers. The older boys did not use the ramp but a few of them did, however, use bumpers. My kids had a total blast...and the best part??? MADELYNN beat ALL of the boys with a high score of 114! She got a 3 strikes in a row and after her 'turkey' so would push the ball down the ramp and start yelling 'yay' and jumping and dancing, it was such a riot!! So Madelynn kicked their butts, and I think all of the parents were informed, but Jason, that the 'baby' beat them all in bowling!! So cute! Here are a few pics of our adventure:

Joshua having his turn at bowling
And a few of Miss Madelynn bowling:

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  1. LOVE bowling! We stink at it, but it's still fun!