Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My poor baby boy!!! I don't know what in the world is causing these hives, neither do the dr, but these are getting to be so much for this mama to handle. Yesterday morning Joshua woke up crying, itchy, with a fever of 103+ and in a lot of pain. He didn't want to walk and was complaining that his knees hurt. Here are a few pictures of what he looked like after he woke up.I made a phone call to the all of the parents of my kids and asked them to come pick up their kids that I need to take Joshua into the dr. They arrived quickly and within an hour of Joshua waking up he was at the clinic. Here are a few photos of Joshua AFTER a dose of benadryl.These just break my heart. We spent nearly 2 hours in urgent care (during Moo's naptime-you can imagine how well she was behaving...UGH) and they did a strep test, a blood count, and left us to wait for results. After they gave us the results of the strep test (neg) and info that his blood count was slightly elevated they told us that we don't have to use any meds for a pain (despite the fact that Joshua would not walk at all at the clinic) and told us that benadryl was not needed (umm, hello he haves hives and is itching!!) A nurse that I went to school with pulled me aside and told me "mother to mother you need to take him to Children's. UC is not equipt to treat things like this and Children's would be better".
When we got to Children's hospital Joshua was still complaining of pain and his legs were really swollen still (had been since he woke up). The drs at Children's were amazing with their care for him but they have no clue what is causing these. They think that Joshua could be dealing with stress or viruses through hives instead of other symptoms (ie cough, runny nose, other 'virus' symptoms). I don't know if I buy that fully but nothing else is adding up yet. While at Children's Hospital they gave him a steroid to help the swelling in his knees and sent us home on benadryl and zantac to help with the hives. They also want us giving Joshua tylenol and motrin every 3hrs for the next 2-3days for pain. All of this breaks my heart.

Today, Joshua's hives look (that he had yesterday) are looking better but he now has new ones in places he didn't before. He is still complaining that his legs hurt but he is walking, jumping, running and playing like normal.

Please continue to pray for Joshua and that we can get to the bottom of this. I really don't know what I should be doing (if anything more than I am). I do have to praise Jesus in this because Joshua did not have any difficulty breathing this time and his oxygen levels were 99-100% the entire time we were at urgent care or Children's Hospital.

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  1. So glad you are BLOGging, BUT I HATE that this has to be the topic! These photos just make ME want to cry. I can only imagine.....praying for peace for you and yours and quick recovery for Joshua. LOVE---ME