Sunday, October 16, 2011


D is for Dinosaurs...and daddy, and date, and doggie and DO! I love how smart my little guy is!! He's too smart sometimes, not to mention the smart mouth he has developed but everyday he blows me away with what he knows and what he is learning to do!

This past week we introduced and worked on letter D. Joshua LOVED learning how to make letter D as he says he can now spell dad, all he needs is a Y and he'll be happy to spell D-A-D-D-Y, but he has NO interest in spelling mommy, well at least learning to WRITE mommy...he knows that M-O-M-M-Y spells mommy and M-O-O spells Moo...and of course he knows that J-O-S-H-U-A spells Joshua!

Day 1
We colored...
We practiced writing letter D's
We did a letter D word hunt
We did a prewriting worksheet on writing letter D
And we traced over the letter Dd with colored cubes

Day 2
We worked on dinosaur size sorting, putting dinos in order from biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest
We completed a Do-A-Dot page

We used wooden disks to match up letters to create the word DINOSAUR

Madelynn says "Cheese" for the camera

We found the colored clothes pins and matched them to the number that was on each dinosaur card

Then we worked on some more pre-writing worksheets that had a bunch of different shapes and lines for Joshua to trace.

Day 3
We worked on making our D is for Dinosaur (Know I know My ABC's) page for our ABC binder

We used magnets to cover empty circles on our magnet page

And lastly we worked on on some cutting practice with scissors

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