Thursday, June 7, 2012

Preschool T-Ball...Game 1

Joshua has been waiting to play T-Ball since last summer and he could not wait any longer!! Since he first watched Hannah play last year, he's been begging us to let him play.  Since he had to be 4 he was unable to play last year and he anxiously waited for his birthday this past March. Since then he has asked us daily if he could play T-Ball.  We were so excited for June 4th to roll around so he could get out on the field!

When we first arrived Joshua was shy...

But we were still able to get some cute pictures of him 

Joshua got to be out in the field for the first half of the game.  He was put in shortstop and he was just too cute standing out there waiting for the ball to come his direction. 

Finally a ball in his direction that he could chase :)  He's the little one in the white hat

Joshua was having so much fun that he even gave his Coach Dave a high five!!

Time to switch positions...Joshua's team-the Blue Eagles are up to bat!!

Joshua and Hannah wait for their turn

Finally, Joshua is up to bat!!

Coach Dave explains the rules and they exchange high fives before Joshua has a go!

He swings...

And CRACK!! He nails the ball out into right field!!

Joshua running to first!!

 Notice he is heading back towards the base?!?!  
Check out the video below to watch him from start to finish in his first EVER turn to bat.  He is so cute!! 



  1. Cute! It looks like he really enjoyed himself. That's great!

  2. Utterly adorable!