Saturday, August 6, 2011

Elm Creek Beach 2011-Moo edition

Madelynn is:
Moving constantly, always climbing or getting into something :)
Adventurous and Amazing
Daddy's little princess
Everything I had hoped for in daughter
Loveable, caring, kind and generous
Younger than she thinks she is ;)
Nursing still and showing no plans of stopping, often more than a newborn
No fear!!

We recently took the kids to Elm Creek Beach in Maple Grove for a day of fun in the sun. Madelynn LOVED it. She has no fear of the water, loves to explore, swim and just have fun. She is the total opposite of her brother! Here is a recap of our day through Moo's activities.

Madelynn is a TOTAL daddy's girl when she is not tired or wanting to nurse. From the moment she wakes up she is constantly yelling for 'daddy' and searching for him. When he arrives home from work each day she runs to the door, throws her arms around his neck, then climbs onto his back for pigy back rides...THIS is the look on her face that I see every time she looks at her daddy, which she happened to be doing in this picture as well

And while we played at the beach, Madelynn often took ‘daddy snuggle breaks’ to remind daddy that she loves him
When I stated above that Madelynn is adventurous and has no fear, this faces seems to sum it all up for me
Madelynn is fearless, always on the move, determined to let nothing stand in her way and always looking for something bigger and better!! And I can’t say it enough, but I LOVE this little girl!!

She is beautiful,

almost always with a smile on her face. Her hair is getting longer now and her curls are becoming much more defined. I love this shot from today that shows the little curly whisps she has that she gets from me
a constant reminder that she’s my little girl!

While we were at the beach, Madelynn had a chance to play with sand, a new experience for her. Joshua is terrified of sand touching him so it isn’t something that we have had much contact with. Madelynn, however, loved it and covered herself in it on more than one occasion while at the beach J She loved attempting to make sand castles and playing with it.

But after a while she had had enough of the sand, or finally realized that it was on her hands and then the sadness and pouting sunk it. It’s rather funny how something that brought her such joy and excitement a few moments ago now has her in this, beautiful, pouty face

…its pretty cute isn’t it? She did NOT like the sand on her hands at this moment.

And no beach trip would be complete without some swimming! Madelynn loved running through the water, throwing herself into the water, attempting to lay down in the water, but even more she enjoyed swimming with daddy. Here he was teaching her how to float.

She was unsure at first but quickly warmed up to the idea and spent a bunch of time on her back when she had her life jacket on.

And no beach trip can end without a trip to the showers J Madelynn LOVED the showers, and during the last safety break she would not leave them. She enjoyed the ICE cold water being sprayed on her. She enjoyed the splashing, the stomping, the giggles and the cuteness that came from her. And honestly, I loved it too!!

I need to wrap this up, so there was a jump in paragraphs (they didn’t flow like I had wanted them to) but time is getting short. I hope you enjoyed watching our day at the beach by watching Madelynn. I’ll do an update soon with Joshua’s pictures.

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  1. She's such a beauty; thankx for the stories Autumn!