Sunday, August 7, 2011

Elm Creek Beach 2011-Roo edition

So...yesterday's post was all about Madelynn and showcased pictures of her at Elm Creek Beach. Today I will do the same, only for Joshua.

Joshua is:
Joyful, always singing songs or making music
Optimistic, most of the time (unless he is tired!)
Sensitive and shy
Happy beyond words when playing the drums
Understanding, empathetic and caring
Awesome at drumming and playing a guitar-music is in his blood and he has serious rhythm!
Joshua's experience at Elm Creek Beach this year was far better than last year and his fear of sand is starting to be out grown. Last year Joshua would not stand in the sand, even with water shoes on. This year he was running, playing, jumping and walking freely in the sand with water shoes and it was such a sight to see.

Dan and Joshua build a few canals in the sand and used buckets to fill them with water and watch the water flow back into the 'lake'. Joshua spent a great deal of time with his little buckets, carrying water to the canals and bringing the empty buckets back to water to fill up again. Check it out
And bringing water back and forth is some serious business, not to be taken lightly or for the faint of heart-lol
And as I stated yesterday, no beach trip would be complete without some swimming!! Joshua didn't want to go too deep, he wanted to be able to keep his feet on the floor at all times, so we spent most of the time in water depths equal to their baths at home. And like baths at home, Joshua swam in the lake like he does in the tub-on his belly, kicking and splashing!!
And this trip wouldn't be complete without mommy and Joshua swimming together, best of buds and always together! Joshua is a mama's boy, always by my side orsnuggled up with me at night!

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