Monday, February 14, 2011

He's almost 3!!

I can't believe that he is almost 3! It seems like just the other day I was bringing home this little baby in a snow storm. I was panicked in the back seat, crying the whole way home, praying we would not get into an accident! Dan got us home safely and now, that little tiny baby is huge! Joshua is amazing, and if you haven't met him in person, you should drive all the way to MN to spend the day with us!
This past weekend we have 1 of 2 birthday parties for Joshua and it was a blast! Due to the size of our family we have to do separate parties because I cannot afford to rent a space to contain us all! This past weekend we packed 21people into our 3bedroom apartment for dinner, presents, cake and ice cream, and my first attempt at making cake pops-which are AMAZING!
We had a great time and I am thankful to all of those who came to celebrate! Joshua got so many fun toys (mostly Thomas the Train or Toy Story 3) so thank you so much! Every toy has been played with for long periods of time every day since Saturday. Here are just a few pics (most turned out blurry :/) of the night.

And we'll end with this.


  1. Thanks so much for the party!!! I think we had even more fun than he did!!! I will have to ask for that train gift for my birthday too :) We just love spending time with you guys. The food was sooooo good too!!!!

  2. Perfect! He is sooo handsome! Glad he had a great b-day celebration!
    <3 Heather