Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.) I overslept this morning! I am NOT a morning person and the last 5 nights I have been up anywhere from 5-14 times a night with JUST Madelynn. She is working on some molars-I think-but is just not wanting to sleep without being rocked in the rocking chair...and I don't do well sleeping in that thing for long periods of time...so I deal with getting up often (she is refusing to sleep with me). But this morning I slept in...luckily Dan was still home to wake me up before my first daycare kid arrived and I wasn't at least dressed :/

2.) MN is COLD right now, I mean COLD! We got about 6" of snow yesterday and today I woke up to -7degree temps with -20degree wind-chills. Tonight it is suppose to be REALLY COLD with wind-chills between -20 and -50degrees. I will be staying inside and cranking my heat!!

3.) Earlier today Joshua, almost 3, came up to me fake crying and said "mommy I need an M&M, it make me feel better" After he put one in his mouth he gave me a HUGE hug and said "thanks mom, you best!" and ran off to play...love that kid!!

4.)Do you have an artist in your family? Madelynn has discovered that she REALLY likes to color...but 99% of the time we end up with eaten crayons, colored teeth and a very unhappy little girl because mommy took them away :( but when she IS coloring nicely, it is so sweet!
Here is Madelynn signing 'colors'
5.) Are you familiar with Signing Time?? If you are not aware I am a Baby Signing Time Instructor and I teach classes here in MN to parents and children ages 3years and younger how to sign. I use the Baby Signing Time series and I love it!! My kids have been amazing with their signing skills-Joshua knows nearly 300signs at almost 3! If you'd like a code to save you 5% off product let me know and I'll send it your way! You can check out my store by clicking here.

6.) Joshua is now officially a 'big boy'!! He sleeps in a twin bed, is potty trained day and night (since October 2010) and it has been 1week 2 days since he last took a pacifier!! My baby boy is getting too big for his britches...it makes me want another :)

7.) Valentine's day is in 2 weeks...do you have plans? Do you have any traditions? Normally Dan and I catch a meal out a day or 2 before or after pending a babysitter but I haven't even thought about it this year...I wonder if he has??

8.)Do you know that I cut the boys' hair? Joshua LOVES to get his haircut...Dan on the other hand could do without it ;) Here is Joshua's latest haircut

Nothing major...just a little trim up :)

9.) Hmm...finding 10 things to talk about is kind of hard :)

10.) Ok, finally...I made it :) Random fact: I eat an avocado nearly everyday...with salt!


  1. Amanda Bolin (lilygracesmom)February 1, 2011 at 1:44 PM

    I love reading your blog Autumn! It is cold here as well! It was -15 when I took Lily to school this morning! BRR

  2. 1. Me neither! HATE mornings!
    2. I'm growing tired of winter.
    3. I wish I could eat just one M7M. With me it is usually 25 or so.
    4. That is GREAT! ARt is so good for little ones.
    5. Did you get the last necassary thing done for your business?
    6. No pacifier! Wonderful!
    7. I haven't planned a thing either.
    8. Love the haircut!
    9. That wasn't so hard. LOL.
    10. Avacado! UGH! LOL.