Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day!!

So today is a snow day. We got 17" in Maple Grove in 24hrs and it is STILL snowing now. Last night it was mainly little flakes, lots of blowing snow, and just pure icky-ness if you were out and about. Today has taken a more pleasant turn and it is BEAUTIFUL outside with the snow falling!! Huge, Beautiful, flakes falling straight down-I am in love!! See!!
While the girls napped this morning I took advantage of the time I had with just Joshua and we headed out into the snow on the deck. He loved it! Madelynn is not patient with getting all of her snow gear on, I'm not too patient putting it on her either, so I try to do the 'snow play' while she naps. This morning we tried to build a snowman (Joshua kept knocking it down) and we used sand toys to make castles (Joshua kept knocking them down) tried to scoop and pour the snow (Joshua kept throwing it at me) so we gave up and ate it :)

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  1. AAaaaahhhh...priceless moments!!!

    Love you!