Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meet the Roo

Let me introduce you to Joshua.
Joshua Daniel is 26months old right now. He's funny, smart, super lovable. He's a mama's boy, he loves baths and books. He loves to go outside, chase birds, pick up bugs.

He communicates about 90% in ASL and loves the Signing Time! dvds. He loves music, loves to swim, climb, and be a boy! He still sleeps in a crib, still takes a pacifier, still wears diapers.
He is a true delight! When you ask him where Jesus is he will do 1 of 3 things: a.) roll his eyes because you asked him a question you should know the answer to, b.) point to his heart and scream 'der' or c.) ask you to pray.
Every night I climb into his crib-yes INTO-and read him 3 stories. The last one is always Good Night Moon. He loves to lay on my chest while I read and on occasion he'll put his fingers over my lips to hush me, and lay there listening to my heartbeat and breathe. We always end our 'cribside cuddle sessions' with prayer.
Joshua loves to help me in the kitchen and around the house. He is not a picky eater, will eat almost anything green! He will only eat homemade chicken nuggets or the ones from McDonald's. He will dip any meat you give him into A1 sauce, and isn't a huge fan of ketchup. Joshua could eat Honey Dijon Mustard by the spoonful-and has on occasion. He is a milk-aholic! He loves ice cream and freezies (he made up his own sign for freezie) and knows how to get anything he wants from his GaGa. He is such a love-a-bug!
Today I gave him his first BIG BOY haircut! This was my first attempt of cutting his hair, and only my second time cutting hair (I cut Dan's-his daddy-hair a few weeks ago) and I think it turned out great. It makes me so sad to see how big Joshua looks now, I want my baby back. Luckily it is just hair and with a little bit of time, it will grow back...until then I'll have a BOY in my baby's body!
So there you have it-Mr. Joshua- my Little Mr. Roo!

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  1. AWWWW! So sweet! That haircut is great!