Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sprinklers, Cousins and Parks-oh my!

This past Sunday was hot and humid (TOO hot and humid for my liking) and Joshua wanted to get outside and play! So we decided that the best was to spend the miserable day would be with the cousins!

We headed out to Monticello, MN (about 35mins away) and the kids had a blast! When we first got there, the kids wanted to run through the sprinklers, so we got Joshua suited and sun screened up and sent him outside from some fun! My sister’s kids couldn’t believe that this was only Joshua’s 3rd time in the sprinklers-in his life!! Living in an apartment complex, sprinklers are not an option (plus they run their automatic ones at night) and when we head over to GaGa’s house, she has a pool so there is no need for a sprinkler!

The kids had a blast running around, the sprinkler, in circles until they fell over! Joshua just kept laughing and laughing and laughing. Everytime he fell down it took a few attempts to get back up because he was laughing so hard.

After the kids ran around in the sprinkler we came in for a yummy dinner (meatloaf, homemade garlic mashed potatoes, buttered rolls, and green beans)!. After dinner was over and all the cleaning was done we took the kids up to the elementary school and played at the playground. Oh the kids had a blast! Joshua loves his cousins! The boys (8 and 9) are so good with Joshua and I love it! I can’t wait to play again soon!

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  1. How fun is that! Great photos!