Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too fast!

Make it stop! I want my baby back! Now before you start going huh? What did I miss? Don’t worry, nothing happened really…just my baby is getting too big for her own good! Madelynn won’t be 7months until June 1st and she is already sitting, rolling, crawling, pulling up and today she decided that walking the length of the couch would be her next task to check off her to-do list! Miss Moo has become such a little go getter and I have a love/hate relationship with this idea. I love that she is so independent, curious, and content learning about the world around her, but she’s so little!

I wasn’t prepared for my little 4month old to start crawling.

I wasn’t prepared to have to drop the crib down 2 levels for my 6month old!

I wasn't prepared to discover Madelynn's newest trick of pulling up on the couch today...Joshua didn't do this until he was 9months old (then within a week he was taking his first steps!)

This little girl is turning my hair grey, as if the 100 white hairs I have weren’t enough L Now don’t get me wrong, I love that she’s so independent. I love that she’s content playing by herself and she’s able to fidget with things until she figures out how they work. I love that she’s persistent and keeps trying after countless fails…I love all those things, I just wasn’t ready for my baby to grow up-this fast! I do not know if we will have more babies, so I wanted to be able to cherish all of these things with my little girl-but she has different plans it seems. Oh well, what can I do?!?


  1. I think it's wonderful and you should be very happy!

  2. testing comments. seems to be working fine......

  3. testing again just to make sure. test test.