Monday, August 27, 2012

LOTW S: Snake, Snow, Snowmen, Snowflakes and Soda

Letter Of The Week: Ss

Joshua signing S in ASL

Letter Disks: finding and matching the letters to write out the word of the week-this week's word is

Counting: look at the number printed on each card and add the appropriate number of gems to the card. Joshua LOVES this activity.  We have also used clothes pins and paper clips to count out the correct number

 Patterns: what comes next.  Fill in the missing pieces to the pattern

Uppercase and Lowercase letter sorting: sort out the uppercase letter S from the lowercase s 

Letter Tracing: using gems, magnets, do-a-dots or whatever you wish, cover up each hole while completing the picture and tracing the letter

S collage!  This week we used STAR STICKERS to trace the letter S :) 


Writing Practice: Tracing lines to help form the letter S 

Madeylnn playing with her  new puzzle designed to help sort out small differences in appearance (each person has a slightly difference stance) in order to help kids recognize the differences in letters.

Letter Hunt: Here Joshua and I read through the paragraph and he needs to find and circle the uppercase and lowercase letters of the week (this week letter Ss) in the paragraph.  He gets excited for this activity every day-asking to repeat it first thing of the school day.

Color Scarf Matching:  Match the colored scarf to the color band on the snowman's hat

Madelynn has a turn at the Scarf Color Matching-she is really good at this for being only 2yrs old!

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  1. Star stickers? Seriously? So CUTE!