Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I have been wanting to blog about something other than school for a while but my time has not allowed for much when on most days I had 5 kids ages 4 and younger in the house.  When some were sleeping others were not so my blog has been greatly neglected...until now!!  

Here is some Ten on Tuesday to give you a glimpse into current life (or life the last few months) here in the Harrison Household:

1.) We are in our FINAL week of Pre K with Joshua!!  This has been a year long process that I have really slacked on!  When we first started last September the plan was to do through all 26weeks only breaking for Christmas.  Well, that worked well, until Christmas, then it kind of got put on hold/stalled as morning sickness kicked in and made the next 22weeks VERY difficult with other children in the house.  Since then we have been playing catch up and it has taken us a long time to get to this final week!!  I will be grateful for the break-until October-when we start up K4! Joshua is REALLY excited for the math and reading that will come this next year!!

2.) The kids have enjoyed watching the construction happening on our new apartment complex that will open May 2013.  We can look out our windows and watch them every step of the way.  They have just recently finished (well are finishing I guess) the underground garages and getting ready to put up the first floor.  It is suppose to open up May 1st, 2013 and we are first on the list for a 3bedroom apartment.  We cannot wait!! Right now we will have all 5 of us crammed into a 2bedroom unit, which works, but its crowded in the bedrooms.

3.) Speaking of adding a new baby-we are coming down to the end of this pregnancy and I have mixed emotions about it.  This may, in fact, be our last little one and though I agree-looking at finances-I long for a large family and I LOVE being pregnant.  However this pregnancy, especially the last month and a half, have been rough as I have dealt with preterm labor and contractions that last for days at a time.  It will be bittersweet to have our little girl in our arms, but I know we are ALL excited to meet her!!

4.) Joshua and Madelynn got to participate in Family Style VBS this past August and since then Joshua's love for dancing has boomed! He's always loved music and dancing but lately it is all he does.  He wakes up and wants music on.  He wants everyone looking at him while he dances and he has remembered a lot of the movements from the VBS dancers :)  Here are some recent dance moves-thanks to the movie Puss and Boots: the litter box dance: 

5.) Madelynn also loves music, song and dance, but she is usually found singing!  She sings about everything and anything and makes up her own songs throughout the day.  It does my heart good to listen to her sing! And I love this picture that a dear friend took of Moo singing while we were out playing.

6.) Wow, this is harder than I thought it would be-coming up with 10 new things to talk about.  I think I always get to this point in this post and I sit and scratch my head.  Hmmm...Well, we are now 38wks pregnant and baby girl has become REALLY active lately.  The kids are so excited for their baby sister to arrive.  This morning Madelynn climbed into my bed and said "Mom, I want your Emma to come out. I want to nuggle her!"  And this has been repeated a LOT today.  And nuggle means snuggle in 2 year old talk :)

7.) A have found a new addiction this pregnancy and it is CUCUMBER WATER.  It is so refreshing on hot days and super easy to make.  I just peel a cucumber, slice it up and add it to cold water-letting it sit/seep in the fridge for a while then enjoy!  So far today I have drank nearly 3quarts-that's 96oz of water!!!  

8.) The MN State Fair is going on right now and we are debating on going.  Well, actually DAN is debating on going. I don't like the large crowds being surrounded by people I don't know and almost everywhere you turn you see a little kid/baby crying in their stroller because they are bored, hot and tired.  Do you and your family go to the State Fair?? What is your favorite things to see and eat there??

9.) Laundry...does it ever end???  Normally I don't mind doing laundry-I always found it relaxing until I have to put it away.  Now that I am 9m pregnant and I have a front loader washer and dryer it is more of a chore just to add the clothes to the correct spot as I cannot bend over and breath at the same time.  Each day, each load, brings me closer to meeting baby girl and I know I will miss all the feelings pregnancy, however I think touching my feet and bending while breathing will be things that I enjoy greatly!!

10.) Ten things!! I made it!!  Whew that was kind of tricky!!  I will end this on a birth note: did you know we are planning a WATER BIRTH?  I will be delivering at Abbott in downtown Mpls and have the chance to deliver baby girl in water with my midwife, Dan, both kids and a VERY DEAR FRIEND who will be taking pictures!! Oh I can't wait to share our little Emma Lou with all of you!!!

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