Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Letter Mm has probably been my favorite week, lesson, to teach because it was the most fun and who can resist the yummy dark chocolate M&Ms??  
Here is a glimpse at our week:

Size Sorting-lining the M&Ms up in order according to size

Color matching-matching the colored clothes pins to the correctly colored M&M

Letter Tracing 

 M&M counting

More counting-placing the correct number of gems on each number

Color Sorting with M&Ms

 M and M spelling 

 Joshua's Turn at M&M color matching

Eating M&Ms
 Don't you think about taking my M&Ms
 and they all got stuffed into her mouth  at once :)

Hunting for letter Mms

Writing letter M

Writing out new words by sounding them out 

Letter Graphing

 Checking out brother's page
 All Done

 Letter M collage :)  Always the highlight of the week!!
  I did it!
 He wanted me to take his picture, but wouldn't give me a good smile

Letter Matching

There you have it...a glimpse at our letter Mm week :)  It was full of Mmmm, Mmmm, M&M goodness!!!

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