Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Doesn't Do Justice

So I am FINALLY finding the time to blog Joshua's hospital stay but I should be in the shower or cleaning my house, as my mother in law will be here within 2 hours...but I want to get this out there.

These photos do not do justice or show enough of what really happened and what Joshua really looked like. I didn't take pictures of Joshua at his worst because honestly, I didn't what those to be the last photos on my camera...it was THAT bad. He looked horrible-couldn't see out of one of his eyes do to the swelling...he didn't look like my sweet boy and I was fearful of those images on my camera. Also, I needed to be there for Joshua (while taking care of Madelynn) and picture taking was one of the furthest things on my mind. I only have a few photos of Joshua looking bad, the next 2 photos, but these were taken AFTER 2 epi pens, Benedryl, and steroid shots. He was FINALLY looking better...
But after being sent to Children's hosital and all the meds and things they did there to make him feel better he really turned around and started looking normal. They did an amazing job helping Joshua to feel at home and be comfortable there. Actually they did SUCH a good job that Joshua has asked a few times to go back to the hospital.
So to relive the story, since I'm too lazy to go back and look at my last blog entry, but Joshua had a SEVERE allergic reaction on Thursday afternoon after visiting the dentist for the first time that morning. In an hour's time he went from nothing on his face, but complaining of facial pain, to so swollen he couldn't see. His oxygen levels were in the 80's and he was in a lot of pain. His face, chest and back were covered in hives and a rash went down to this knees. He didn't look like my sweet boy at all. After going into Urgent Care and receiving meds, epis and steroids and they still couldn't get him stabilize and under control we were sent by ambulance to Children's Hospital. They gave more meds, got his O2 stats into the low-mid 90's and then admitted us. He spent Thursday night and most of Friday in Children's before coming home. He was looking better, but still had a rash over his face.
So we went home and then Saturday night Joshua started reacting, though not as severe as before. He broke out with 3 hives and had some facial swelling so we rushed him into the ER where they gave us MORE meds and watched him for a while. The new meds worked AMAZING on his rash and got rid of the hives, however the side effects of the meds are not pleasant!
For Joshua, the side effects have taken our sweet little boy and turned him into something he is not. He is now struggling with violent outbursts of hitting, kicking, throwing things and just pure aggression (trying to stab the nurse and myself with a plastic spoon in the ER). They told me this is totally normal for this med, but it is NOT normal for Joshua. Also along with the aggression has come verbal outbursts of rage (screaming) and an intense amount of strength when being moved or held to protect him and others from his behavior. It has been both physically and mentally exhausting for both of us and I just pray that Friday comes quickly (he goes off of this particular med on Friday night)
But this is what Joshua looks like now, as we are still trying and waiting to get the rash, left from his hives, to go away. HE still complains of pain in his face, hands, eyes and legs but we are praying that we find out the source so we can stop the constant medication.
Joshua saw an allergist yesterday but we are still waiting for results. They did a blood draw, since he is still on medication, and tested him for allergies to: walnuts, peanuts, cashews and latex. I don't know why more allergens were not tested, but I pray that we get some answers.


  1. What an ordeal this has been for all of you. I am so sorry that you have had to go through all this. Praying continually for strength and peace for you and Dan, wisdom for the doctors, and healing and protection for Joshua. We love you guys SO much!


  2. I had just a minute so I thought I'd catch up on a few of your posts! You know I was praying for you guys through that, but this is the first time I've seen all the pics! Poooor guy!!!

    I'm SO glad he's feeling better!