Friday, April 22, 2011

They love each other!!

Madelynn loves her brother to death, and Joshua completely adores his sissy. HOWEVER it is rare to catch their love for each other on camera right now. Joshua usually puts on his CHEESE face or darts away proclaiming my camera is a monster trying to catch him (he LOVES monsters...usually!) And Madelynn...well she usually tries to follow her brother!!

Madelynn has recently discovered that she LOVES her brother's bed. Joshua is not too fond of the idea of Moo in his bed, but will tolerate it in small doses. This particular day Joshua had asked me to put the TV from my bedroom into his room so he could watch a movie in his bed. When I explained to him that I was not putting a TV in his room, that our TV was too big, an idea popped into his head and he ran into the living room and scooped out the portable DVD player, used for long car rides up north, and said "I know, I can watch THIS in my room, it's not too heavy!!" I thought it was the cutest, smartest, most annoying idea he's had in a long time, but because of the brilliance behind it I agreed.
So as soon as Signing Time went into the portable DVD player, both kids climbed into Joshua's bed, snuggled under and covers and watched their 30min Sing and Sign Signing Time DVD. It was so sweet! And as I was snapping picture, my battery died-so though I had the PERFECT moment for a good bunch of shoots, I only got 3!!! Oh well, they DO love each other...and there is always next time!!


  1. SWEET! I LOVE these PHOTOS!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!


  2. So sweet! Don't you love brother-sister bonding? Chyenne and Cohen LOVE to share beds... day and night! :)