Monday, April 4, 2011

Gone Fishing

Joshua has become a little boy after my own heart! He recently discovered his love of 'fishing' and it makes me so happy! I am an outdoor kind of girl (as long as it isn't too humid or too cold-lol) and one of my favorite things to do outside is fish! Dan doesn't like to fish unless he is deep sea fishing because he says fishing in lakes is boring. Though I had to agree that sitting in a boat or on shore with NO BITES is boring, I love the whole catch and release process of fishing!

When Joshua was little he was scared of the fish. I have some great pictures of him with a fearful face and they always make me smile :) But now that Joshua is old enough to play some of the preschool games I thought I would try out the game "Go Fish" and it was an instant hit-though we aren't playing it as you should...yet!

Our version of Go Fish consists of finding a boat! In our case, an empty plastic bin!!
Next you want to spread out all of our fish on the floor and climb into our boat
Then start fishing!! Put your pole over the side of the boat and press your worm onto a fish-
PRESTO you now have a fish!!
Now drop your fish into your boat and catch another one!!
Joshua has spent all morning playing this game! I love it! We played this the other morning with his magnetic fishing puzzle and we put a blue blanket under his boat to look like water, and then the fish on top! He thought that was funny but didn't want to wait for the 'water' today!!


  1. Adorable! You are so brillant in coming up with all these fun activities for him that keep him occupied (so you can blog). LOL! :)


  2. So cute! Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

    I can't wait to take Chyenne and Cohen fishing this year. I also love to fish. Colt likes it...but *I* have to bait his hook AND take his fish off his hook IF he catches anything. He's such a girl. LOL