Friday, April 1, 2011

Potty Girl

Madelynn is 17months old today, where has the time gone?! The last 2 days she has wanted NOTHING to do with diapers and has wanted to use the potty constantly! Wednesday I had her in diapers and she remained dry from 7:30am-3:30pm, waking up wet from a 2.5hr nap. From 7:30am-12:30pm she had peed on the potty twice, in her diaper none. THEN from 3:30-7:00pm she peed on the potty twice and pooped in her diaper once. I was in TOTAL SHOCK! How can my baby girl be wanting this already??
Wednesday night I went out and bought her some panties and as soon as she woke up on Thursday she wanted her wet diaper off! On Thursday we followed the pattern of Wednesday, peeing in the potty all morning, wet during nap. After nap on Thursday she peed in the potty, BUT forgot to take her new panties off and peed right through them. I thought it was so cute and funny, however Madelynn was VERY upset and cried and cried that her panties got wet. I think she's got this down! She wore a 2nd pair of panties for a bit after her 'accident' but then pooped in them (evening poop is starting to become a pattern) and then she didn't want any panties anymore.
So that brings us to today, Friday. She did great all morning, wearing a diaper though-she was with daddy since Mommy had to take Joshua in for his hearing test-but while I was gone she peed on the potty for daddy!! Dan kept telling me how proud she was!! Since we are traveling this weekend we decided to ditch the potty and panties and just use diapers and if she says she has to got potty let her use the big one. So far she has not asked about them, but we have not asked her either. Perhaps tomorrow, when we are not spending 3hrs in the car, she'll be interested.
I just can't believe baby girl is becoming a big girl!!


  1. AMAZING! But what can one expect from such an amazing little girl???


    PS---CUTE pics!!! Of course!!!

  2. Way to go Miss Moo! She reminds me so much of how Chyenne was when she was younger. Doing EVERYTHING early! Such a beautiful girl.