Monday, April 11, 2011


Sorry I have been so MIA lately. As many of you know Joshua had a VERY severe allergic reaction on Thursday afternoon that had us rushed to Children's Hospital after Urgent Care couldn't stabilize him. his O2 levels were low, his face swollen-eyes nearly swollen shut, hives all over his face, chest and back, and a rash that went to his knees. We spend Thursday night and most of Friday in Children's Hospital and were send home with a bunch of meds, unaware of what he is allergic to. Friday night and Saturday morning were uneventful but we still struggled with a rash covering Joshua's face.

Saturday night ended us back in the ER after Joshua had another reaction, a mild one but we rushed in quickly. They changed a med he was on and it seemed to help him much better so we were sent home. The only thing wrong with this new med is the side effects. Joshua is moody and has had a few violent outbursts. They told us this is normal and he cannot control it. He will scream 'ahhhhh' and be ok, but he is also kicking, screaming, punching, and throwing. This is SO out of character for Joshua.

We go into the allergist today at 1pm to have him tested to find out what he is allergic to. Right now we have NO IDEA what it is, therefore we cannot protect him. They told us that this could be fatal so we need to be on top of this....NOW! We are equipped with an epi pen jr and covered in the Father's love so we know we are going to be ok...

HOWEVER any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated!!



  1. I continue to think about you guys and hope they find out what it is that got poor little man so sick!

  2. So glad you are getting into the allergist today! That is AWESOME news! Waiting on pins and needles to hear from you guys. Love and prayers.

  3. So scary! I hope they find out something SOON. Hugs Autumn!