Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg-cellent Afternoon!

...well, it started that way!! For the first time in this Harrison household we dyed Easter eggs! Joshua was SO excited yet he had no idea what he was going to do, he just saw the dye cups and assumed we were painting and even THAT thought is enough to get Joshua SUPER excited!!

So we busted out 18eggs and Joshua held on the entire time. Madelynn, however, threw a fit halfway through the egg dyeing process, dumping the blue dye all over her pink pants and white and pink striped shirt and onto the floor-LOVELY! So her egg dyeing days came to a quick end. But prior to the Moo Meltdown I got some pictures...and so lets have a look into the Egg-cellent afternoon!!

Joshua began coloring on his eggs with the 'magic crayon'

Then he put the egg into the dye of his choice, blue and pink were his constant choices!, and gave it a little stir :)
Joshua then was able to check on his egg and agreed that this one was ready to be taken out-with daddy standing by to help as needed
Madelynn coloring on her Easter Egg before its color bath
And into the dye it goes!!
Here Moo is dunking her egg into the green egg dye!!
Al in all the egg dyeing afternoon wasn't THAT bad. We survived the day and will do it again next year-but not before!!


  1. I can totally relate! We don't dye eggs here....I'm glad they had a good time, though, AND, like my Mom always says, "You made a MEMORY!" LOL.


  2. Cute! My kids LOVE dying eggs. When we first did it not last easter but the easter before, Meg dumped orange dye all over her pink pants! Oh well. We'll be doing our egg dying tomorrow morning after our plastic egg hunt! Can't wait! :)