Monday, March 21, 2011

Johnson House

We got to spend Saturday night out at my sister's house for dinner and games. The weather here has finally reached nice temps with highs in the upper 40's-50's and my kids and I love it!! After dinner the kids went out on the deck to play in Amanda's "giant play pen". Amanda's deck is huge and it has a gate (with lock) at the top of the stairs so the little ones can go out and play without much fear that they will fall down the stairs. MY kids were in heaven and it was actually a struggle to get Madelynn back into the house. That girl is so much like her mama!!

Joshua was a total ham for the camera while he played at Auntie Amanda's house
I love this picture, below, he was asking God to make it rain on his face :)And here are the girls!!
Sarah cheesing it up for me-she is my little cuddle bug!
Beautiful Hannah-Boo

I'll end with was so funny!! This is the actual order of events. Madelynn was not aware that the Cozy Coupe A.) had a door B.) the door could be opened and you could climb out. So how did she get out of the Cozy Coupe?? She climbed under the steering wheel and out the front...makes perfect sense right??
She makes me laugh so much, she is determined to do everything herself, even if it takes longer and isn't right, as long as she gets the end result it is all that matters...again she's so much like her mother!!


  1. HAHA! This blog cracked me up. Such cute kids. LOVE the second pic of Joshua. And Maddie Moo climbing under the coupe, too cute! Glad you found the time to blog, and I'm glad your sister lives close enough for the two of you get together. :)


  2. Looks like great fun! Love the pics. Cohen used to do that too when he first got his cozy coupe! LOL! I have a ton of pics with him underneath it just like that. :)