Friday, March 25, 2011

Shaving Cream Fun

Joshua LOVES playing with shaving cream, after I push his hands into it first (he doesn't like his hands messy at all, so he won't willingly touch it, but if I put his hands into it he's ok until he's ready to be done)

Joshua told me when I first squirted the shaving cream onto the table that it looked like an alligator-I thought it looked like a snake myself :) But here is Joshua signing ALLIGATOR
Here Joshua is a little hesitant of it, and was concerned when I said it was a snake. His reply "Oh it bite me". He was trying to figure out HOW to pick up the snake without it biting him :)
Now the fun begins!! Joshua is now having a blast!!
I love that last one, such a sweet face!! But in case you didn't know, shaving cream is an AWESOME cleaner of pencil, markers and sometime pen marks off of tables. It also provides a ton of sensory fun!!

So...if you have some time, and don't mind a little mess, go steal your husband's shaving cream and pile it on the table. Let your kids spread it out and create! It also is a great idea for letter tracing.

For Madelynn, I don't trust that she won't eat the shaving cream so her sensory play was some about a mess! I didn't get any pictures of her at play because she was more interested in eating it and using it as shampoo :) I"ll blog her soon!!


  1. Looks like fun. What a great mom you are! And Joshua definitely looks like he is lovin' it! I would have LOVED to see Maddie use the yogurt for shampoo. :) Reminds of the Color Me Mine incident.


  2. Autumn you are such a good mommy!! That looks like so much fun!! I might have to go buy shome shaving cream now :)