Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snowman Footprints

For today's art project I copied the idea from another blogger but we put our own twist on it.
Yesterday it rained ALL DAY and was BITTER cold and BLUSTERY!! Then overnight the rain turned to ice, then snow and we woke up to 3" of the wet, sloppy white stuff and it is suppose to keep snowing until 7pm tonight. So what is more appropriate then making snowmen on a day like today?!?!

What you need:
*White paint
*Construction Paper
*Google Eyes

Here is what we did

1. I had Joshua pick out 6 eyes and 6 buttons to glue onto his snowman.
2. Next, giving verbal direction, I reminded Joshua that eyes go on the face and to put 2 dots of glue on the snowman's face and apply the eyes

3.) Then I told Joshua that each snowman needs 2 buttons for his tummy and gave verbal instruction to put 2 bigger dots of glue on the tummy and press on the buttons
4.) Every snowman needs a hat, so again with verbal direction, I asked Joshua where a hat goes and to put glue on the paper. Joshua knew that a hat goes on your head so he put glue above the snowman's head and pressed on a hat to each snowman
5.) Next comes a scarf. Joshua drew a line with the glue at the neck of the snowman and put a paper scarf on the glue.
6.) And every snowman needs a noes and a mouth
7.) and don't forget arms
8.) take a photo of your child holding their artwork and hang to dry and admire

I always love to take a picture of Joshua's finished art projects so I can put them into his scrapbook. He was SO proud of his 3 snowmen because he IS three now, you know


  1. They turned out adorable! Love the photos! Too sweet and what fun!


  2. Oh how cute!!!! ~Jessica