Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paci Lover

I don't know what it is about my children and the need to sleep and have multiple pacifiers, but I love and hate it to death!! Luckily I only have Madelynn taking a pacifier now, Joshua gave his up a month before he turned 3 when he got his big boy bed (twin) as an early birthday present!!

I think this obsession started when they got to the age that they couldn't reach 1 paci in their bed so I was waking up/getting up multiple times a night to retrieve the paci from the corner of their crib, that I started putting more than one paci in there.

Well from that point, it became a NEED for both of my children. Joshua and Madelynn both REQUIRE(D) at least 3 pacis in order to sleep in their beds. One in their mouth and one in each hand. Again, so cute, yet annoying!!

With Joshua it took us loosing sleep over the constant 'clicking' of the nipple to try to keep himself awake that we weaned him down to only 1 paci. We could hear the clicking in our room with him in his (both doors open but 2 fans going!!) and then a week later he willingly gave up his paci all together, no fight!

Now Madelynn is left with this need for more than one paci, but yet she is not as attached as Joshua was. With Madelynn, I am still a human pacifier! She is still nursing strong at 16months and I don't plan on weaning her but leaving the choice up to her! But since she has me as a daytime paci (comfort nursing as well as nutritional needs) she is 98% of the time content with leaving her pacis in her crib.

This particular was Joshua's birthday party, and nearing her bedtime. My good friend Shelley and I followed Moo to her room where she pointed that she wanted her bed. Once inside the confines of her crib she found her stash of pacis! Shelley took these photos, and I just love them! They are perfect!!

Madelynn doesn't do the clicking like her brother, and she is just fine with having access to only one paci in her mouth and one paci in a hand, but if given the choice, she will ALWAYS take more!! I think it is safe to say, that Moo is a paci lover!

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