Monday, March 7, 2011

Officially 3

Where did my baby go?
Have you seen him? He's the most adoreable little guy, with the sweetest heart and the biggest smile. He's a shy, snuggler who loves to read stories with mommy and beat up on daddy...have you seen him? I think I have lost him!!, there he is...
...I see him, I think!

Wait, that can't be him-that's a big kid!
That little boy sleeps in a twin bed, is fully potty trained day and night, can get dressed by himself, put on his own shoes, drink from a regular cup, take supervised showers and is a charmer...could that be my baby boy?

I guess it is!! Wow the time has flown by. I can't believe that my little 6lbs 11oz baby boy is now 3!
Joshua had a great birthday party (one on March 5th, the other Feb 13 due to the size of our families) and is one spoiled little boy!

I spent many hours working on cake pops for both parties, making his birthday cake, and going out of my way to make sure he had a very special party day!
Joshua loved everything about his parties-the cake, the cake pops, the ice cream, all the people, the presents, the friends, the music, the singing! He loved it all!
It dawned on me 2 days before his birthday that he was in fact a big boy now! I asked him how old he was and replied " I'm 4!" I asked him how old he would be on his birthday, he replied "I be 5". Chuckling I told him, no you are 2, his reply "no I 2 yesterday!" Apparently we just skipped 3 all together. After a few days of laughs and giggles, Joshua has finally relented and has decided he is, in fact, 3 now! He is such a crack up!!

Since I am not exactly sure how long naptime will last with 3 sleeping children I'll get to more pictures from his party-I hope you enjoy them. We had a blast!!

Joshua's new bike from mommy and daddy:
Opening presents
Reading a birthday card
Singing Happy Birthday and enjoying some cake
Dancing to Mr. Kevin's crazy guitar playing
The coolest wrapping paper that Savannah colored for Joshua's Super Why party
And finally, Joshua and daddy and Joshua's new guitar


  1. aww Autumn he looks like he had such an awesome birthday! These little babies are growing up so fast!
    Love - Joshua's Marchie birthday buddy Billy

  2. Aww...Seriously, I am tearing up....I am not ready for this, this thing they call three! I am so happy that our children have become friends through this and us too! Love you mama!

  3. Aww how sweet! I can't believe are babies are 3! (well Quinton has a few more days) but still. It's crazy! Happy birthday Joshua!!

  4. Oh Wow! I love all of the pics. It looks like Joshua had a fantastic birthday. He's such a joy! It's definitely bittersweet to watch our tiny bundles of joy grow up to be BIG KIDS! Three year olds! Three is OLD! I love his sweet smile! XOXOXOX

  5. Some of these pics look familiar. :)


  6. I can't believe our babies are turning 3 already. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have a 4 year old as well. hahah.

    Joshua is such a handsome little man!! Happy birthday Joshua!!

  7. Just LOVE the blog. He sure has grown up fast!!! At least he is growing though!!! ha ha Jason is kind of takin a back seat to the "growing thing." Wants to be like his uncle :) I will pass this to mom. Love you guys.