Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rainbow Making

Today is a rainy, stay in your jammies, eat homemade chicken noodle soup and talk about the story of Noah's Ark and God's Promise. Joshua LOVES to do art, and when I say LOVES that is actually an understatement. Every morning and multiple times a day I get asked if he can do art. He wants to paint, glue, color, cut-you name it he wants it. Now with 3 kids under age 2 and an early preschooler begging to do art, it doesn't always happen when he wants it but today I couldn't take the whining any longer (Joshua has been very emotional today) so we broke out supplies to make a rainbow!

What you need:
*Paper Plate cut in half and a notch cut out-to make a shape of a rainbow
*Tissue Paper cut into squares-red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
*Glue (we found that a glue bottle and a foam brush worked better than a glue stick)
*Optional-Markers (to draw an arch of each color in rainbow order)

Directions: Take pictures each step of the way if desired but FOR SURE at the end :)
1. I drew a line in each color of the rainbow in order so Joshua could trace the line with glue.
2. Use foam brush to smear the glue around
3. Starting with red, have the child crumble up each square of tissue paper and press it onto the glue. Continue until the whole row of color is filled.

4. Move to the next color (orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and repeat steps 1-3.

5. Take final picture and hang your rainbow for your child to admire :)

Genesis 6:9-Genesis 9:16


  1. You never cease to amaze me....doing crafts, blogging, uploading pics ALL while doing DAY CARE! You really should have NO concern over home educating and day care. You can handle it. :) You are already home educating!


  2. Cute! I have 2 that got as far as the green. Megaen and AJ lost interest after a while. lol. Oh well. I can still go back to it! :)