Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bb like "ba ba blacksheep"

Yesterday we started the week off with a BANG!, well, with B that is :)

Joshua loves doing school, and honestly, I love teaching school. It has always been a passion of mine and it is an even better experience when you can guarentee that each and every student will learn what you are trying to teach. That reason is one of the biggest I decided to stop prusuing my dream of becoming a teacher after I got me 2year (AA) in Early Education...but my love for teaching is still here, and if anything, it has gotten stronger now that my kids are old enough to sit and learn for more than 5mins.

But moving along, let me give you a look into yesterday's school day-Learning the letter Bb!

Our introduction to letter B was very similar to that of letter A. We did our morning prayer, asking Jesus to help both Joshua and I to be good listeners, teachers, and that we both will follow directions with understanding and patience. We then talked about letter Bb and how it sounds. When I told Joshua that letter B sounded like ba he IMMEDIATELY squealed and started singing "ba ba blacksheep" (one of his favorites lately!). He loved that! And it was great timing that his favorite song would be linked to letter B! God is so good!!!
After talking about the sounds that Bb makes we worked on tracing the letter Bb.

After he had traced his letters multiple times, he wanted to try it on his own, and he did a GREAT job!!!

After our letter practice was done we worked on our color sheet for our letter binder. Joshua has never really been interested in coloring, and staying in the lines, or even attempting, is something he has no interested in. So to hurry up and get the coloring over with, Joshua just scribbled all over this butterfly,

but he did take the time to trace the letters Bb at the top of the page.

He is such a stinker sometimes!!!

After our coloring was done, Joshua used wooden tiles to spell our the word "butterfly" and "BUTTERFLY" . The green tiles are capital letters,the orange are lowercase,

and he's getting really good at spelling out the words, repeating the letters, and then locating them in the sea of letters beside him.

Joshua knows all of his printed letters, both capital and lowercase, and points them out where ever we go.

Our last activity for the day was to do a butterfly size sort. Joshua had 3 different size butterflies on a graph and those same size butterflies in pieces.

He needed to figure out whether the butterfly he picked up was a small one, medium one, or a large one.

This one took some time, and some frustration was had, but he got through it and he was SO pleased with himself, as was I.

Everyday he amazes me more with what he is able to understand, retain, and accomplish. I can't believe my little guy is doing this and he's doing it all on his own. School was HIS idea, not mine, HE asked me to teach him, HE asks every morning if it is time for school and HE thanks me, mulitple times a day, for teaching him new things. I love it!!

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