Friday, September 16, 2011

An End to Letter A

We made it!! We made it through an entire homeschool week, with a real schedule, and we survived!!!
Joshua's attitude was awesome today, perhaps it is because he knows that it is my birthday or because he was told that he needed to have a good attitude it he wanted to help make pumpkin cupcakes after nap, or for whatever reason he had, it was a great last day of the week!!

Joshua and I started off our school day as every other day before, with prayer and a recap of the Letter Of The Week (LOTW). We review how to sign the letter a, what sounds it makes, and we worked on writing it again. Today Joshua surprised me greatly with doing an AWESOME job on his lowercase letter a-check it out!!

From there we worked on a sizing sequence activity.

Joshua whizzed through this with flying colors. He was to line up the apples by size from biggest to smallest,

and from smallest to biggest.

He knew EXACTLY what to do and amazed me in how fast he was able to tell the differences in size!!

After he got bored with that, which didn't take long we moved onto sorting and matching. I gave Joshua some apples that had either a capital A or a lowercase a on them and he needed to sort them out and place them over the matching apple in the tree.

He did pretty good with this one as well, but was discouraged with the fact that laminated tree with laminated apples don't always stay in place

...he's such a perfectionist like his mama!

Our last activity before art today as to work on some pre-writing skills. Joshua has a bunch of sheets with different straight, slanted, curved, and circled lines.

He struggled with pushing too hard or too soft with the crayon, but finally was able to figure something out that worked.

He did all the sheets and was so proud of all he did. Normally he wanted to wipe off his work, but today he wanted to save it and show daddy :)

Our art activity for the day was to create the letter A using construction paper and then turn it into an alligator using google eyes and white construction paper.

Joshua LOVED his alligator.
Oh and Joshua insisted on holding a grape tomato in his cheek during school today, thus the puffy cheeks :)

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  1. AAAAAaawww...what a trooper. LOVE his alligator! Be sure to tell him, okay?


    Maybe he will make me one for my fridge???